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I found another inspiring website design - CAST83 What I like about it: ONE-PAGE LAYOUT CAST83 has a great one page layout that slides smoothly with a fixed navigation at top. I love the fixed navigation because it is easy to access. One page websites can get confusing if there is no clear navigation. MESSAGE IS CLEAR From the very beginning, you see that their main message is that they want to tell your story. It is then elaborated in the About section. PORTFOLIO Think about possibly designing your portfolio in a mosaic grid like this one. I like when you click on an image it leads to a page with even more images of the subject. COLOR SCHEME I love that the color scheme is simple and muted. They use white, greys, and a yellow/gold color to emphasize sections and important text. It gives it a very modern and professional feel. I feel that it also matches the color and tone of their photo editing. ABOUT I really like that they included a picture of themselves. It is good to put a face to your brand. What do you like about this website? Are there some features you'd like to put on your website?