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Also known as the Grinner Knot, the Uni Knot is a good and dependable knot for monofilament line to hook knots. It's a bit easier to tie than the clinch, and just as dependable. 1. Put line through hook's eye, double back. Loop by putting tag end over doubled. 2. Make 6-7 turns with tag end around doubled lines and through the loop. 3. Moisten and pull tag end to snug the turns. 4. Slide knot down to the eye or leave a small loop if desired
@happyrock @fallingwater glad these are helpful!
@happyrock me too! Practice makes perfect, right?
I'm gonna keep practicing this one at home so I can try it out soon; thanks! The diagram is really helpful @mcgraffy
@dougjohnson It is best for leaders but sometimes I tie this just when I'm having a hard time getting other knots to hold, hah
I only really use mono for leaders but I always use this knot when I do. Never realized the name, to be honest haha.