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A new crazy fashion trend from Japan thanks to Zoo Jeans. The denim is carefully distressed by...wild animals. "The denim is wrapped around tires and then given to the animals to play with. They “roar, gnaw and claw at their toys,” as the organizers say! The materials are carefully reclaimed from the creatures and, complete with claw and bite marks, are made into the final jeans by a small factory in Okayama. DesiThe jeans will be available for auction, starting on July 7th. Profits from the sales will be donated to the WWF and Kamine Zoo.
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This is such a fun idea! It looks like the animals were having fun with this too!
Well this is certainly new!
I hope they are successful!
I would never wear these, but I hope someone spends a lot of money for them!
This is absolutely ridiculous and absolutely wonderful all at one time. Who thinks of these things?