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The median annual income of professional authors in the UK has dropped 29% in 10 years, down to about 23,000 USD a year. I don't even want to think about what professional writers in the US are making, as it's likely a comparable figure. The hardest part about being a college student is often being told how dismal the job market is getting. Let me finish my degree first, thanks! Everyone knows that very few writers make enough to even match what a typical salary might, and reaching the minimum standard of living is really difficult. The novel is dying, and the author's ability to make money is dying with it.
@greggr Indeed; its definitely not what I wanted for books :(
The sad fate of a world where the written word on a real piece of paper is becoming less and less valuable!
@kristenadams I know! It's crazy, but it's just the nature of the book industry. Unless you get a best seller, chances are, you're not going to be making much.
That's so sad, we pay athletes so much but not our artists?