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Another great example the ways stories are presented to us affects how we feel. Because teens are finding more and more friends online, and are feeling safe in these connections due to privacy matters, they are spending less and less time forming real, face-to-face friendships. Greenfield, a researcher, found that large networks of online friends prevent as many face-to-face friendships from forming as intimately as they once did. "We found in our study that people, college students, are not getting a sense of social support from being on the phone. They're getting social support through bigger networks and having a sense that their audience is large." This is a prime example of how media can effect us: it's not just the fact that we use facebook, but the fact that facebook has given us a new security network. That network allows us to step away from face-to-face relationships, and move into virtual relationships, or a blend of the two. I'd be really interested to see the difference in this respect between teenagers without common use of internet, and those that use internet a lot.
@nehapatel I didnt think it was. So many people honestly believe they can trick themselves to not be influenced, though
@onesmile It's really not possible--even if you're aware of the influence, that awareness makes you try to avoid it and thus you're effective. But being aware is better than mindlessly changing in ways you might not want!
I always tell myself that fb hasnt effected me, but when I read articles like this I feel really uncomfortable about the ways it probably has! is it even possible to avoid this influence?