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This series by Michael Grant will remind some readers of Lord of the Flies, and others of Stephen King. In a small California town, the adults suddenly disappear. Sounds like a young teenager's dream, except the Internet, telephones, and TV are gone, too. Kids fend for themselves, as some of them develop terrifying superpowers. While animals begin to mutate, the children realize there is no escape from the mysterious barrier around their town. Sure, this isn't great literature, but grade 7 and up readers will gobble them up. And sometimes, you just need a little junk food reading!
I'd love to read other Lord of the Flies-esque novel. Count me in!
@LibraryLady Hahah! I'm sure it would sound great until they realize that no adults means a lot of other changes, too!
@timeturnerjones, it does sound a lot like Dome, and Stephen King has a blurb on the cover of one of the books in this series, so I guess he approves! Whenever I talk to kids in the library about this series, I start with something like ,"And all the adults are GONE." The kids cheer, until I tell them all phones, computers and TVs are gone, too. :)
I'm glad you said this is like Stephen King, because as soon as you said "mysterious barrier" I thought of the recent TV show that's based off a Stephen King novel. I think it's called Dome? Either way, pretty interesting way to adapt it more for kids--taking the parents out.