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Compiled by Podio, this interactive infographic gives all the details on the daily routines of 26 creative legends. I love that Kant spent so little time actually creating. I'm sure that doesn't count how much time he spent throughout the say thinking, observing, and reflecting though. This makes me want to write down my day like this!
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Honestly, I'm surprised that they all slept relatively normal hours.
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I'm a huge Haruki Murakami fan so I'm glad he made the list! He runs a lot so I thought his exercise bar would be bigger though
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Exercise is small, and food is big! This makes me a happy happy girl :) I can handle this!
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My schedule seems to be most similar to Kafka--interesting. I wonder if that says anything about what kind of writing I produce.
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I noticed very little actually worked a steady job. guessing that helped quite a bit lol
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