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I had my doubts when I first heard about this sugar high...hmm, green tea kit kat, huh?! So when @mrjockX bragged about it, I thought, okay I wanna try some too but sadly it's not available at the Asian markets here. So while visiting my childhood friend last week she presented me with a bag of my own because she knew I love green tea, she's just too awesome!!
so I orders some rum raisin kit kats o.o
@mrjockX ....umm, ahh huh, exactly....*pats you on the shoulder*...yep, thats right, thank you!! oohhhh, strawberry huh? so does that mean you getting me some too?! gosh, you're surely swell of a great guy...*all smiles*...(*_*)...hahaha!!!
*glare* mmhm.. you want me to send you some? so let me get this right...not only am i buying your starbucks but im sending you green tea kit-kats also? also i was looking the other day at trying to get other flavors of kit-kat like strawbeeerrryyyy!!!
@mrjockX well umm.....*looks into my bag and its empty*...ahh hum....vanh, got these for me at the asian markets there which means you can get some too!!! mmhh, i think you should send me some, like as in really soon...ohhhh btw i think they taste more so like pandan flavor too which is why its even more yummier!! (*_*)
caalllieeee aren't they just..YUM!? can I have some?