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钻石王老五 (Eligible Bachelor)
[ zuànshí wánglǎowǔ ] = diamond 5th child of Wang Basically it means translates as eligible bachelor but with extra emphasis on the fact that he's wealthy. The 王老五 (5th child of Wang) implies he's from a family with good social standing. Example: “找到一位温柔又多金的钻石王老五谈何容易呢“ ="Finding a gentle and wealthy eligible bachelor is easier said than done”
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@funkystar25 Thats exactly what I thought when I saw this hahah Also, I would love to be considered the "diamond child" of my family!
@funkystar25 @caricakes I'm sorry ladies, I know he's no longer a bachelor but most of the world still thinks of him as one (according to Google at least!) so he seemed the most fitting star for yesterday's Chinese slang update!