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Pottermore has been a great way for fans to keep engaged with Harry Potter fandom even after the series ended, and J.K. Rowling does us all a favor by occasionally uploading new material! Just yesterday she put up a new piece for Pottermore members to read; written by the one and only Rita Skeeter! I forgot how funny and ridiculous Rita Skeeter's style should be, so it's nice to get a sort of update about them without knowing everything (I like some mystery!) The article was part of a series about the Quidditch World Cup; and we get to hear about what Dumbledore's Army has been up to since the end of the final book! Check it out for yourself, you'll have to log in first: http://www.pottermore.com/en/daily-prophet/qwc2014/2014-07-08/dumbledores-army-reunites
ya sure
@nats you can check it out now on Pottermore! @ryantadman she's just so involved in the world, I feel like she might have a hard time pullling herself out sometimes
@onesmile I got pottermore whenever it was first offered in beta, but it wasnt really ready for users so I lost interest. glad its survived though!
I joined Pottermore and gave up on it, but I think maybe I'll go back....do you have to complete the books to see this?
I haven't joined Pottermore, does she post new work often?
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