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[ zhájiàng miàn ] This northern Chinese dish is absolutely delicious. A rich, meaty pork and black bean sauce served on a bed of cold noodles and topped with sliced cucumber makes for a filling meal suitable for any time of year. The sauce is extremely salty and you’ll probably think your sauce has too much salt in it until you really mix it in with the noodles. The saltiness is heavily cut by the blandness of the noodles and the dish should end up being very savory and strongly flavored, but not overpowering. Some restaurants use more meat than others and some restaurants don't use meat at all. If you don't eat pork, always make sure to ask before ordering whether they have used meat or not in the sauce.
I ate this nearly every day when I was at school in Beijing - I miss it so bad! I know the first thing I'll be eating when I get back to Beijing....this and 烤鸭!
I always order this - they have a version in Korea as well but it's really not the same. I have to say I prefer the Chinese version...
those look delicious!
@traveller I've never eaten the Korean version so I guess I shall have to take your word for it!