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HSK 5 Vocabulary 2
1. 增加 zēngjiā to increase, to raise, to add 我们盘算了一下,产量将增加百分之五。 We figured that the output would increase by 5%. 2. 神秘 shénmì mysterious, mystical 哲学并不神秘。 Philosophy is no mystery. 3. 报名 bàomíng to enter one's name, to sign up 她已在夜大学报名了。 She has already enrolled for the evening university. 4. 积累 jīlěi to accumulate, cumulative 他在工作中积累了丰富的经验。 He has accumulated a wealth of experience in his work. 5. 充满 chōngmǎn to fill, to be filled with, to permeate 他是个小伙子,充满活力。 He is a young lad with plenty of vigour.
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