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With summer in full swing, it’s time to pay extra attention to the skin you’re in. 1. Get Lippy You lips are skin too, and they need to be protected from the sun. Be sure to use a lip balm that has SPF and not just moisturizer. Take it from me, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of lip freckles. 2. Cool Down Your body needs to by hydrated more during the summer than any other time of year. Hot showers will further dry out your skin which can increase wrinkles and while making it extra difficult for your skin to recover from sun damage. Cold showers will keep your skin hydrated, and will keep sweat from clogging your pores, decreasing breakouts. 3. Munch on Melon Cantaloupe contains vitamins like K and E which play an important role in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. The high amount of vitamin B will keep your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Like watermelon, cantaloupe has a significant amount of water which will hydrate your skin during the hot summer day. 4. A Helping Hand The tops of hands are often forgotten in the sunscreen process. Pay attention to when you wash your hands, you will need to reapply your sunscreen! 5. Avoid the Oil Make sure that your sunscreen isn’t filled with unnecessary oils. Many of the knock-off brands that you find in convenience stores are guilty of this. This oil will stay on your body and face and will contribute to plenty of unwanted breakouts. Many sunscreens are now offered specifically for body and face, with a lighter solution for sensitive face skin. For active days, check out sport sunscreens that won’t wash off with sweat! 6. Exfoliate During the summer, your skin can be clogged with sunblock, sweat, lotions, bug spray, and more! A good scrub can get all of that out of your pores along with unwanted dry skin. Try separate scrubs for your face and body. 7. Out with the Old! Don’t use that bottle of sunscreen you found in the back of your car from last summer. Throw out all of the sunscreen that is more than a year old and buy some brand new bottles. Most importantly, be sure to actually use your new sunscreen! It should be applied 30 minutes before any sun exposure and then once every two hours. To cover your entire body, you should be using about the amount to fill a shot glass.
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When I played tennis in high school I would use the neutrogena Sport. Less oil, doesn't wash off with sweat :)
@flymetothemoon exfoliating!! that's what ive been forgetting I think; I need to get something for that!
Any excuse to eat more melon :)
Maybe i haven't been using enough sunscreen...a shot glass full?!