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Today I bring you the next grammar instalment of this Korean for Beginners collection. We previously learnt how to say "A is B" so today we're going to look at how to say "A is NOT B". 아니에요 (a-ni-e-yo) means 'to be not', 'it's not', 'you are not' It is the present tense polite form of the verb 아니다 which means 'to be not'. Noun + 아니에요 = To not be + NOUN Examples: 음식 아니에요. It's not food. 제 친구 아니에요. It's not my friend. 저 아니에요. It's not me. If you want to build your sentence slightly, you can use the words we learnt in the previous card; this/that/it ( Examples: 저거 고양이 아니에요. That is not a cat. 저 선생님 아니에요. I am not a teacher. 이거 사과 아니에요. This is not an apple.