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What makes you fall in love with sex dolls?

There are various reasons for falling in love with sex dolls, and they must be strange. I am very sure. I have collected many reasons from the doll forum.

A doll lover said very simple, I am just an ordinary person. There is deep despair hidden in simple words. Is it true for everyone? Is there anyone who really loves sex dolls? let us wait and see.

"For me, I'm just tired of being alone. Loneliness has accompanied me for the first half of my life, and I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this. A fake girl is better than no girl. Any girl I can really get along with doesn't look as good as the sex dolls sold in doll shops. "

This is a true quotation from a person. He was full of deep disappointment with the girl. Not only the body, but the mind is also overwhelmed by reality.

"It seems that all dates or marriages have become death traps for men. No matter how you struggle, she will hold all the cards and will probably use them at some point. And sex dolls are a good alternative to women. "This seems to be another man who has been hurt by a woman.

"When I knew the inflatable doll appeared, I realized that I needed it." This is a man who simply enjoys having sex with a sex doll.

Don't think that married men don't need sex dolls, here is one.

Bobby has been married for 25 years and he has not been happy at all for the past ten years. No matter what, his wife would complain to him, and this was not what he wanted. On the contrary, the sex doll never complains, it won!

There is also a doll lover after marriage. He has a strong sexual desire and often used sex toys with his girlfriend when he was a teenager. For him, one thing about playing with a doll is that it is not like masturbation, it is like real sex with a woman. When he first saw an article about real dolls and the creation of the abyss in a magazine, he was shocked by the sexy sex dolls.

Although he still likes having sex with his wife very much, the doll is hard to beat. His wife is also very happy because she knows that he will not wander around. She knew that he would rather spend his time with sex dolls than mixing with another woman.

Well, from the response of doll lovers, I learned that there is a kind of people who simply enjoy BDSM relationships. Sex dolls have no extra thoughts, no psychological or emotional manipulation. He especially likes mini anime sex dolls.

"I tried online dating, but most of the girls did not reply. Even if they met out, their looks were completely different from the photos. They never called back afterwards. The worst part is that I am surrounded by beautiful married women every day at work. This is torture. " It seems that this brother has a strong sexual desire, but he is not attractive to girls at all. He just needs a sex doll to vent his sexual desire.

Like most people, you have never achieved much success with women. The few people who have shown interest in you in the past are not attracted to you at all, and the people you are obsessed with always find reasons to not want to develop further, but at least this is more simple It's better to say fuck off, even though it still hurts.

It seems that the pace of life of all people in modern times is very tight, and there is no time and energy to find their significant other. "My life is very boring, there is almost no unnecessary social relationships. I have enough time to eat at work, after get off work, and no time to find a partner. I have tried online dating, but it has no effect."

"I like to capture the beauty expressed by women in photos. I have always admired what some people do with photography." Because photography falls in love with sex dolls, I still love photography with sex dolls. This is a puzzle. But it is undeniable that sex dolls are beautiful.

Most of the people above choose dolls because of the lack of women. On the contrary, there is a very strange man here. He is different from most people. According to him, he is just tired of one-night stands and frequent dates.

"After a stressful day of work, I was just tired of walking into an empty house. All I had to do was to see my doll smiling in the corner, knowing that everything would be fine. I know my house is still empty, but at least my doll will not feel empty here. "This man is a bit lonely, he just needs a doll to accompany him, so that the house won't be empty.

"I'm married, but my sex life is less than I want. And my wife will not do sex with me that would be scary or shy. The doll not only bridges the gap, it satisfies my sexual fantasies." From the description, it can be known that the man who said this sentence bought a black silicone sex doll just to satisfy his sexual fantasies.

"My fascination with beautiful realistic mannequins, women's fashion, futuristic movies about robots, and physical light reminded me of this." He is a loyal doll lover.
There are many reasons to like sex dolls. What is your reason?