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The Korean word for dumpling is pronounced man-doo (만두). Like their Chinese and Japanese counterparts, Korean dumplings consist of meat or vegetable fillings sealed in a thin-piece of dough which is then either steamed or fried. Popular meat fillings include pork, shrimp and on occasion, ground beef or even chicken may be used. Pure vegetable dumplings are quite hard to find (borderline impossible) but it is occasionally possible to find kimchi dumplings. The dumplings are served with a tangy sauce made from soy sauce, vinegar and chilli. There is also a larger version called wang mandu (왕만두 lit. King dumpling) which is almost bun-sized, similar to Chinese biaozi.
Ugh, I love dumplings. Especially panfried dumplings. Brb, going to get some dumplings!
@hunahuna have you tried the big dumplings? I have a feeling you'll like them!
I want dumplings.... >.<