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Some Funny Examples Of Pareto Principle - That Will Surprise You!

I'm hundred percent sure that these will surprise you, if you are reading them for the first time.

Here are some:

20 percent of beer drinkers consume 80 percent of beer drunk ~ Captain Jack Sparrow

20 percent of mentor actually provide 80 percent of knowledge. (Don't what the rest of them do)

20 percent of the population have 80 percent of qualities, you most want in a partner.

20 percent of your time leads to 80 percent of your happiness.

20% percent of doctors, lawyers, and engineers commit 80 percent of malpractice.(What…?)

20 percent of laws are broken 80 percent of the time (Hey, don't look at me like that, I never follow…uh.. Ahm…break laws.)

20 percent of people snoozes 80 percent of alarms.(That sounds familiar )

If you liked these, there are many on the link given below:
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The $10 Million Painting
Once an art gallery announced, any painter who will create the best painting depicting peace will be rewarded $10 million. This news spread in the whole world, and thousands of painters sent their painting to participate in the contest. From those thousands of paintings, the judges selected hundred best paintings and kept an exhibition in which not only the painters of those paintings but the media and crowd of thousands was also there, because prize amount was so huge. Everyone was interested to know, who will win such a huge prize? Finally the day came, all the paintings were very beautiful and each of them was best. There were some paintings which had the largest crowd: One of which, was showcasing, a very clean river, with mountain covered with snow, with beautiful sunrise. Another painting depicting peace, showcasing a full moon night, completely still lake, so still that you can see your reflection in it. There was one in which white clouds and beautiful green grass. All the paintings were so beautiful that it became very difficult for the judges, to Short list one of them. But finally, the moment came when the judges made their minds, and selected one painting and kept it behind a curtain. Everyone was very excited, and sat down in front of the painting, to have a clear look. Everyone was very curious, as the prize amount was very big. Finally the curtains were removed. When everyone saw the painting, they were shocked because the painting wasn't depicting peace at all. Everyone thought that art gallery placed it by mistake. All painters went to the owner of art gallery, and asked whether it is mistake or what? The Owner smiled and replied, no.Judges selected this painting only. All the painters got angry and started a revolt. Seeing this all media members hurried to the owner and placed their mikes in front of him. Again the owner smiled and said, before asking me anything, just go close to the painting and take a clear look. Maybe then you can notice what you haven't. All of you saw the storm, the thounder storm and that everything is getting destroyed. But... You didn't noticed that there is a house, and a man is inside it seeing all this from a small window, but there is no tension on his face. His face depicts how calm he is, even in this kind of storm. Moral: True peace doesn't mean that everything outside is peaceful and so you are, because that's temporary. True peace means you are calm from inside no matter what's going on outside.