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Korean students work incredibly hard. This is mostly due to the fact that they're forced to study constantly by a machine-like education system which favours information retention over free thinking...but it's also because Korean children are raised in an environment where education is prized over everything else. As a result, even in their free time, it's quite normal for Korean students to get together and study. While I acknowledge many of the problems that arise as a result of the Korean education system, I love being in an environment which embraces studying as readily as Korea does. I spend at least two evenings a week meeting with a number of my Korean friends to study advanced Chinese. We read newspaper articles and translate them into Korean (or in my case, Konglish since my Korean is still getting there!) We have a wonderful time and not only has my Chinese and Korean improved a lot but I've made many good friends^^. I've been going to the study group for about a year, I go every time I'm back in Seoul and love it...if only we had something like this in London!
what a smart idea - I can't really imagine it ever catching on in England though...!
I feel like whenever I travel I don't study properly - part of me is secretly yearning to get home and start studying again!
it looks like you have a lot of fun! Keep up the good work :)
what a great way to study. I wish we had these kinds of study groups in London