Complete Guide On The NHL For The Beginner

If we talk about the world of ice hockey, then the National Hockey League is the main organizer of the game. This is a North American-based league known to have the best players in the world who play the game. This is mainly a league with a young generation of players who love to play the ice hockey game.

As we know, there is a variety of gaming options, and for each one of them, there are specified leagues that organize the tournaments of the specified game.

History of NHL

In starting when this league was inaugurated in 1917 in Canada; at that time, this league had basically four teams. As time passed slowly and gradually, the number of teams in the league has taken a tremendous increase. Though there are various leagues that are available for the different games but no one has any kind of comparison with the national league.

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Now in the current scenario, this is a league that contains 31 teams. The 24 teams are located in the US, while the other & teams are located in Canada. These teams are mainly divided into the two conferences:

· The eastern conference
· The western conference

The division does not end with the above two mentioned divisions; there are further two divisions of each based on the geographical area.

In case if we talk about the eastern conference, in this there is a further division of Atlantic division and metropolitan division and in case of the western conference has further central and pacific division.

Let's talk about the Atlantic and the metropolitan division. They mainly contain eight teams each; on the other hand, if we talk about the central division, then it contains the seven teams, and the pacific division has eight teams.

Seasons of the NHL

If we talk about the regular seasons of the teams that are included in the NHL, then they are just 82 games. So for each team, this is just split into 41 house games and 41 games on the road.
Generally, the eastern division teams play 28 games within their own teams, and the other 24 games they play against the teams within the other division of the eastern conference.

On the other hand, the western conference is known to play a total of either 26 or 29 games within their own division. On the other hand, they play either 21 or 24 games against the teams in the other division but within the western conference only.

The team that wins the match receives two points for their every winning; this reward system is a good option in the game as it helps maintain the interest of the players in the game for a more extended period. There are various platforms that provide the live streaming facility to the players like nhl live streams reddit.