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Amazon vs. Hachette Update
It seems that the culprit may have finally been repealed. The case that began a while back (, a motion has been made! Amazon released a statement, discussing what has happened from their end. They have been trying to work with Hachette to make a solution, and have been met with nothing but resistance. It seems that hachette is trying to hold out until September, when it may be able to overturn Amazon's flat e-book pricing decision to return to a system where they can set the prices. Amazon is offering to enter negotiations, and during that period, to pay author's the full price--nothing taken out for themselves of Hachette--to author's. What author wouldn't like that?! But Hachette is refusing, and because of this, author's continue to get nothing! While Hachette says they have their author's best interests in mind, I don't believe it: they're part of 10 billion dollar conglomerate, and they should stop acting like children.
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But Hatchette makes its money by selling books. Amazon makes its money by selling...everything. Only 7% of Amazon's sales revenues are now from books. Shelf Awareness, a book sellers' newsletter described Amazon's move as "a bit like a mugger wanting praise for donating stolen goods to charity." Amazon wants to become the only source for ebooks. Guess what will happen to prices then?
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@LibraryLady They're both in the wrong, I think. Why is it fair to keep the authors waiting? Isn't it better to make some sort of move instead of this strange battle of wills.
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Yes, it's not like Hatchette is some indie publisher struggling valiantly against Amazon. I just worry that when Amazon becomes the only source for ebooks, we will all suffer.
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@LibraryLady That is likely the case, as it is if any big publisher takes over everything. Let's hope we can return to some reasonable balance.
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