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Must-Have Features of Mobile Banking App To Ensure Success

You will agree to me that we live in a digitally-operated world where everything is virtual. We harness the power of digital smart devices like mobile phones and tablets to do everything from communicating with others, to streaming videos and even running a business. Mobile banking applications enable you to do nearly all transactions online anywhere and anytime. As a result, clients no longer need to stand in line for any documentation process or search for ATMs.

Mobile banking applications are those advanced technologies that give us the advantage of performing practically all the same actions on the go that we only have done on a desktop computer previously. So, yes, nowadays, technology rules the world. All financial institutions and banks are moving towards digitalization. The reason behind moving towards digitalization is today's market demands. Also, the only reason why banks hold leading positions in the market is that they have user-friendly and well-designed mobile banking apps that customers love.

The idea of stepping into a bank to handle particular requirements such as printing passbooks, transferring funds, checking balances, depositing checks, and many more, has become almost antiquated. Clients can do all of these things directly from their smartphones with the help of a banking app. It doesn't get more comfortable than that! In this article, I've covered all the must-have features that you need to consider in FinTech mobile app development to have a successful banking app. Let's dive right in.

Features to Consider in Mobile Banking App

1. Bank Account Management
The main motive of using a mobile banking app is to manage their bank account information directly from their mobile device. Users can check balances, monitor their credit cards, bank accounts, view transaction histories, and transfer funds from anywhere at any time by featuring bank account management capabilities.

For now, there is not exactly a single approach when it comes to designing a mobile banking app. Indeed, we always want to integrate the essential features; however, with those basic features, you can still get innovative and creative when developing your mobile banking app. This feature allows users to set the desired amount they wish to save at a preferred time they want to keep it.

2. Advanced Security & Fraud Alerts
Nowadays, users want the absolute best protection against hackers and cyber theft when sensitive data is concerned. If you want to have a successful mobile banking app, you must first ensure that the banking app has secure sign-in functionality. You want to make it so that there are specific steps involved in signing in to a user's online banking account, without adding too many steps that could irritate users.

A successful mobile banking app ensures that the sign-in process should be fast and easy, providing peace of mind for the user while being secure. For Example, multi-factor authentication is a very secure technology; however, it's also quite time-consuming. This feature isn't the best idea for mobile banking app implementation since anything which is super time-consuming is never pleasing to the user. On the other hand, Biometric authentication technology verifies users by checking physical metrics. This advanced technology can recognize a person's voice, typing rhythm, and even physical gestures, along with others.

Also, adding voice recognition or touch ID features are viable options. If you're feeling bold, you could even add various security options to provide a sense of variety for the user. Through this, you can make your mobile banking application more personalized to the user while providing the highest security standard. Furthermore, fraud alerts are another must-have feature to implement within a mobile banking app. While hackers and fraudsters get savvier, so do mobile banking app developers, engineers, and programmers.

3. Core Banking Features
Centralized online real-time exchange banking, also known as CORE banking. It is a back-end system that processes transactions and posts updates immediately. Nowadays, many banking softwares are available that provide all kinds of services across multiple digital channels. So, always keep in mind that CORE banking should be at the CORE of your mobile banking app. CORE banking software can specialise in securities trading, retail banking, wholesale banking, or securities trading. In this article, here I've mentioned a few of the capabilities for service-oriented CORE banking:

1. Withdrawals and deposits
2. Loan management
3. Existing account management and New account enrollment
4. Interest rate calculation
5. Introductions to new financial products
6. Customer relationship management (CRM)
7. Record maintenance

4. QR Code Payments
In this Digital era, QR codes are becoming more popular amongst mobile applications, allowing users to scan their code on a barcode reader to make purchases quickly and contact-free. Now, leading banks are joining in on the QR code craze by implementing QR code scanning technology into their applications.

QR codes are a great alternative solution for merchants and issuers to expand their customers' mobile payment options. Nowadays, the only need for all users are their smartphones. Mobile banking solutions integrated with the QR code option are easy to use, super convenient, and give customers additional security.

5. Mobile Check Deposits
The mobile check deposits may seem like the stuff of science fiction to people who still bank the conventional way. However, customers everywhere are increasingly becoming tech-savvy and more and more comfortable with using technology for management of their finances. In this digital era, Mobile check deposit is becoming one of the most sought-after mobile banking features. In addition, it is also known as remote deposit capture.

Therefore, the user scans a check using the camera function of their smartphone for mobile deposits, thereby transmitting the digital image to the designated financial institution.

Indeed, a secure and well-designed application with some brilliant and unique features directly impacts your success, helping you attract & engage new consumers, get a competitive edge, and create a positive customer experience. Whether you wish to augment your existing IT team and reinforce your banking app's potential, or require a newly developed mobile banking app from scratch, will be a decision that will impact the experience for your customers. To make the right decision, talk to a mobile banking app development team with relevant experience. As a result, to improve your plan, they can advise you on modern technologies and approaches.
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Why Is a Payment Gateway for the Marketplace Necessary to Manage in 2021?
Online marketplaces are playing a significant role in the growing eCommerce industry. The popularity of online marketplaces grows higher and higher nowadays, and their contribution is massive to the growth of the digital revolution. The swift growth of marketplaces is the main reason to process a large quantity of Online Marketplace Payment Gateway. As a result, many payment gateways are available globally, but every payment gateway is not suitable for every marketplace platform. That’s why Payment Gateways for Marketplace is necessary to discuss in the growing era of the eCommerce world. Marketplaces need fast, reliable, convenient payment gateways that suit different types of dynamic marketplaces. However, various Best Payment Solutions are available like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Authorize, and they are very good at their job. Still, as a marketplace, you should review wisely regarding the selection of payment gateways. Here are some best payment gateways that you should look at first, Payment Gateways for Marketplaces Take a look at one of the best payment gateways that are fast, reliable, convenient, and suitable for significant marketplaces in the eCommerce world, PayPal : One of the largest and oldest online payment processors, PayPal is the first choice of many marketplaces globally. It started its journey back in 1998. Well-known payment processor PayPal supports more than 200 countries. Paypal charges an average of 2.9% Fees (per transaction and additional) + a fixed fee that varies on the different currencies. Pros of PayPal 1) Account Creation is Easy 2) Support in 25 currencies 3) Don’t need a merchant account 4) Transfer your money without creating an account 5) Provides strong guarantee against fraud Stripe : Stripe is a tech company that was born in 2011. It provides the suitable technical infrastructure to operate an online payment system. In addition, it is a marketplace and crowdfunding platform. Stripe accepts currencies from more than 135 countries and automatically converts foreign currencies into your account currency. Stripe Charges 2.9% + 0.3$ per transaction regardless of any monthly fee. Pros of Stripe 1) Easy Integration 2) Fast & easy payments processing 3) Easy to refund transaction 4) Well constructed UI, easy to navigate 5) Offers absolute security and two-factor authentication Braintree: Braintree is easy to access payment gateway for marketplaces and mobile phone applications. It was founded back in 2007 and was acquired by PayPal in September 2013. Braintree charges 2.9% + 0.30$ per transaction Pros of Braintree 1) Easy Integration 2) Multiple payment acceptance 3) Provide advanced protection against fraud 4) It supports more than 130 countries Mangopay : One of the Best Payment Solutions for marketplaces, Mangopay, was founded in 2013. Mangopay provides its services in marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms. Mangopay charges 1.9% + 0.20£ (per transaction) Pros of Mangopay 1) Accept multiple currencies that make payment easy 2) It provides a real-time monitoring system 3) Flawless end-to-end payment flow 4) Strong fraud prevention rules Payment Gateway Necessity that Suit your Marketplace To manage the online transaction between buyer and seller, online Payment Gateways for Marketplace plays a vital role in the eCommerce world. There are many payment gateways available in the world but choosing the right one that suits your business is a task, isn’t it? The first thing to do for choosing the Best Payment Solutions is to create a reliable payment flow, create an easy, user-friendly dashboard for payment, And provide an easy check-in and check-out process for users. So users feel they are in a secure environment for payment. All marketplaces are not the same, and they provide different services in different sectors. Therefore, choosing the right payment solution depends upon your services and what your marketplaces are offering. Every payment gateway offers different fraud prevention-related terms and conditions, robust payment gateways that already rule the transaction system in the eCommerce world. Conclusion Choosing the Best Payment Solutions is challenging to approach, but it depends upon your services. What type of marketplace platform you will use to grow your business. I hope we answer all your queries in our article and hope that our content helps you grow your business.
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Top 4 Customer Service Software Benefits You Must Know
Running a business needs perseverance and passion. But that alone doesn’t guarantee success. You may have all the qualities necessary to make a business successful, yet the customers may not be able to connect with your brand. The primary reason behind this issue could be customer satisfaction. If your customers are unsatisfied or if their issues are not resolved, every other business idea will fail. In fact, 70% of customers support a company that delivers excellent customer service. The above stat shows what your customers want. Now the question is how will you deliver excellent customer service? Here is how customer service software can help you deliver what your customers want. Powerful Ticketing System Good customer service software can help you in dealing with the tickets; it can also prevent them from popping up in the first place. One can even integrate bots to offer solutions to common problems. Thus the number of tickets received cab be drastically reduced. A customer could also access these pieces of information by logging in to the software. This will save time for both parties as customers will get an instant solution and the agents don’t have to deal with repetitive tickets. Accurate in Tracking Agents’ Performance When a company has a large team of support agents, it is easier to miss out on the underperforming agents. With top-quality customer support software, you can track individual agents' statistics and performance. After tracking, you can identify the key areas like: Slow resolution of tickets Conversation issues between the agents and the customers Time management issues Internal communication issues and much more You can resolve these issues by providing respective individual training to the agents. Automated and Consistent Communication Customers Let’s be practical - It is not possible to solve every problem immediately. But the customers expect the resolution to be as early as possible. To keep everything on track, you can send an automated response confirming that you received their request. An automated response should include all important details. Like crucial links, customer support open time, reference number, and other important information. Internal Customer service software can help in internal communication in many ways. With this software, you can track each and every detail related to the customer. Like customer journey, experience, details, problems they are facing, and resolution of the problem. All this information will be stored centrally which is accessible by you and your employees. As all the information is in one place, it will streamline the internal communication. Every support agent will be aware of their upcoming tasks. For example, any support agent who is on vacation, so you can allocate the task to other agents. When the above thing happens, not only it will satisfy your employees but also your customers. Detailed Reports and Analytics If you rely on the old-fashioned spreadsheets to track customer responses and issues, what will you do about the reports and analytics? How you will track the performance of your department? With spreadsheets, you can only have the data but not the actionable insights. That’s where customer support software can help, as you can view every data at one place and get valuable insights from it. You can view data like first response time (FRT), customer satisfaction score (CSAT), ticketing ratios, etc. You can even manage information easily by categorizing them. Such software is loaded with help desk reports which have important details. This can help to forecast, guide budget planning, and improve decision-making. Conclusion For companies that want to beat the competition, capturing the real bond with your customers is the way to go. Offering the ticketing facility, automated replies, and knowing your agent's capabilities can let you resolve your customer’s issues as soon as possible.
9 Effective Skincare Tips For Teenagers With Acne
A pimple develops when the pores of the skin become clogged with sebum; a type of oil that normally lubricates the skin and hair. Acne is common during puberty, when hormones kick in and the skin produces an abnormally high amount of sebum. Because the forehead, nose, and chin contain so many oil-producing glands, this area, dubbed the T-zone, is the most prone to pimples. Here are a few pointers to help you avoid and treat breakouts quickly: Wash your face twice daily with warm water and a gentle acne-specific cleanser (no more). Massage your face gently in circular motions. No scrubbing is required. Excessive washing and scrubbing can irritate the skin. After cleansing, apply a low-strength benzoyl peroxide lotion. Never squeeze your pimples. It's tempting, but here are some reasons why you should avoid it: Pimple popping can result in the push of infected material deeper into the skin, causing swelling, redness, and acne scarring. If you notice a pimple developing prior to a significant event, such as a wedding, a dermatologist can frequently treat it with minimal scarring or infection. Don't touch your face or lean your face against objects that collect sebum and skin residue, such as your phone. By touching your face, you can spread bacteria and cause inflamed and irritated pores. Wash your hands before applying anything to your face, such as your acne treatment creams or makeup, to keep bacteria at bay. Clean your pair of glasses or sunglasses to avoid clogging the pores around your eyes and nose with oil. Avoid tight fitting clothes if you have acne on your body. They obstruct the skin's ability to breathe and may irritate it. On scarves, headbands, and caps, dirt and oil can also accumulate. Remove your makeup before going to bed. When shopping for makeup, look for brands that list "non-comedogenic" or "non-acnegenic" on the label. Remove any old makeup that has a different smell or appearance than the day you purchased it. Keep your hair clean and away from your face to avoid clogging your pores with dirt and oil. Never skip sunscreen. While a tan may appear to conceal acne, this is only temporary. A tan may aggravate your acne rather than help it. Additionally, tanning wreaks havoc on the skin, causing wrinkles and increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. Consult a dermatologist if you are concerned about acne. Dermatologists offer a variety of acne treatment options for acne scar prevention and treatment. A dermatologist can assist you in determining the most effective treatment method for you and provide you with a wealth of useful advice on how to manage acne and care for your particular skin type.
Hyaluronic Acid - The Natural Skin Plumping Sugar
Despite its tough pronunciation and even more complicated spelling; hyaluronic acid is an important part of your daily skin care routine. It's widely used in serums, sheet masks, and moisturisers. This is because HA, a naturally occurring molecule in the skin, binds to water and plumps the face, giving it a dewy, glowing appearance. It's clear that word of its benefits has spread, as it's one of the most sought-after ingredients in skin-care products. Aside from increasing skin moisture levels, hyaluronic acid serves other functions. What is hyaluronic acid, exactly? Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar molecule in the skin that helps water bind to collagen, keeping it in place and giving the skin a plumper, dewier, and more hydrated appearance. Essentially, hyaluronic acid improves skin hydration, which helps to maintain the skin's youthful, full, and bouncy appearance. Collagen in our dermis determines the structure of our skin. Natural hyaluronic acid is covalently linked to water molecules on one side and collagen on the other, providing plumpness to the skin. What is hyaluronic acid's function? As we age, our collagen and hyaluronic acid levels gradually decline, causing our skin to become increasingly dry. Furthermore, winter heaters, specific skin care products, and underlying skin disorders can cause microscopic tears in the protective skin barrier, allowing water to escape. As a result, implementing a customised skin care regimen that includes moisturising products could be extremely beneficial. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, colloidal oatmeal, urea, propylene glycol, and sorbitol are humectants, which draw water to the skin to hydrate it. These chemicals can be found in a variety of products, such as moisturisers, eye creams, and serums. The use of HA-containing products tightens the skin around the eyes, increases moisture to reduce puffiness, and softens fine wrinkles throughout the face. Hyaluronic acid is effective when applied topically due to its ease of penetration. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, soaking up up to 60% of the nutrients applied to it. Furthermore, the lightweight, fluid nature of hyaluronic acid, as well as its ability to retain moisture from the environment and deeper dermis to completely hydrate the skin, are benefits. Who should benefit from hyaluronic acid? All skin types benefit from hyaluronic acid. It is non-irritating in general and does not aggravate acne, rosacea, or allergic skin conditions. However, there is a very small chance of experiencing any negative consequences. Individuals with dry and/or older skin will benefit the most from the application of hyaluronic acid. Because our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid as we age, people in their forties and fifties will benefit the most from applying it topically. Despite the fact that the term "acid" appears in the term of hyaluronic acid, those with sensitive skin should not be worried; it is completely safe for everyone. Because hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in our bodies, there are no known side effects from using it. If you have an allergic reaction to it or a product that contains it, contact your dermatologist immediately; the reaction could be caused by another active or inactive ingredient. Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Injections of hyaluronic acid are also available. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance found in dermal fillers that attracts water after injection to replenish volume and restore lost structure. This helps to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles while also reducing the overall sunken or drooping appearance of the face. These dermal fillers can be used to treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, undereyes, lips, and back of the hands, among other things. Because the quality of fillers varies, it's critical to consult with your dermatologist about your options to ensure you get the best one for you. A cosmetic surgeon compares different types of hyaluronic acid fillers to different types of paintbrushes. They all contain the same component, but the density, lift-ability, and durability of the molecules vary depending on their size and arrangement. Additionally, it is reversible. Because it is injected into your face, it is not permanent. Because hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are reversible, your dermatologist can dissolve the filler quickly using the enzyme hyaluronidase if you are dissatisfied with the results or if a blood artery is blocked during the injection process. The enzyme works quickly; the substance dissolves quickly and is completely destroyed within 24 to 48 hours. Individuals who are allergic to bees, on the other hand, should proceed with caution — and consult a dermatologist — before attempting hyaluronidase-based therapy because the enzyme is found in bee venom. Hyaluronic acid fillers, on the other hand, are not for everyone. Except for pregnant women, the vast majority of people can benefit from hyaluronic acid fillers. Pregnancy and fillers have not been thoroughly studied, but dermatologists generally avoid injecting pregnant women due to uncertainty. Furthermore, if you have a current skin infection, you should avoid these fillers. First, treat the infection, and then return to your appointment once your dermatologist has given you the all-clear. If you're thinking about using hyaluronic fillers, there are a few minor risks to be aware of. Bruising and swelling are the most common side effects of any injectable treatment. The good news is that these shortfalls will only last a short time. Tenderness should subside within a few days. To reduce the risk of bruising, blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and red wine should be avoided for about a week before treatment. Furthermore, arnica and bromelain may aid in the reduction of swelling and bruising.
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How To Create A Secure IoT Network To Guard Your Connected Devices
IoT has created a bridge between the physical world and the Virtual World. With all conviction, we can expect IoT as an indispensable part of our lives. But as the IoT implementations are growing, the security concerns are also growing at the same pace. And Today, being a leading IoT service provider, we are going to share how you can create a secure IoT network that will keep your connected devices as safe as possible. Steps To Create a Secure IoT Network Let me tell you very straight that securing the IoT network doesn’t require a completely new or complex set of ideas and principles. The core lies in the best practices while designing the IoT solution.  As there are many small to big things considerably, We can say IoT security is a multi-faceted effort that requires big moves as well as small adjustments to ensure networks, data, systems, and devices are protected.  What is Security By Design? Security by design is a practice that ensures security as a crucial consideration at all stages of product creation and deployment. Often in the IoT developments led by speed and other priority factors, the security considerations are included late in the design and prototyping phase. That results in security breaches. It’s important to remember that as devices and their firmware get obsolete and error-prone in time, they may become an attractive target of bad cyber actors. Hence, it’s crucial to manage the lifecycle of security devices and cloud spectrum to reduce the attack surface. The sad part is that most of the time, robust and long-term security strategies are overlooked during IoT implementations. Security is not a one-time activity, rather an evolving part of the IoT ecosystem that should support IoT deployments’ lifecycle in: Adding new devices and decommissioning others, Onboarding to new cloud platforms, Running secure software updates, Implementing regulated key renewals, Maintaining large fleets of devices. All these activities require comprehensive management of identities, keys, and tokens. To avoid time-consuming and expensive services in the field, IoT Security lifecycle management solutions must facilitate updates remotely while executing them across large scale device fleets. Now let’s see the Security concerns in two popular forms of IoT: Tips To Secure Consumer IoT Devices Smart speakers, domestic appliances, connected toys, and smart locks are all potentially vulnerable if not properly secured by design and during their expected lifespan.  For example, someone who owns a Google Nest Hub and other Xiaomi Mijia cameras around his home claimed that he received images from other people’s homes, randomly, when he streamed content from his camera to a Google Nest Hub. There are many such examples where the design loopholes have caused many consumers more harm than good. The good news is that ETSI recently announced ETSI TS 103 645, the first worldwide standard for consumer IoT security. This sets a benchmark for how to secure consumer products connected to the internet and aims to promote best practice. Additionally, here we are going to share tips that will help you in designing a secure IoT network for your consumers and smart homes. Know Your Network and The Connected Devices – When we put together several devices over the internet that potentially leaves your entire network vulnerable. It’s common to lose track with an increasing number of equipped devices. Hence it’s essential to know your network — the devices on it and the type of information they’re susceptible to disclosing.  Assess the IoT Devices on Your Network First, know which devices are connected to your network, audit your devices to understand their security posture. While selecting devices check for newer models with stronger security features, etc. Further, before making a purchase, read up to understand how much of a priority, security is, for that brand. Input Strong Passwords to Protect Your Devices and Accounts Use strong and unique passwords that will assist you in securing all your accounts and devices. Get rid off the common passwords like “admin” or “password123.” Make use of a password manager, if needed, to keep track of all your passwords. At the same time ensure that you and your employees don’t use the same passwords across multiple accounts and be sure to change them periodically. Choose a Separate Network for Your Smart Devices Separating networks is a smart way to protect your smart devices in the IoT network. With network segmentation, even if attackers discover a way into your smart devices, they can’t access your business data or sniff on that bank transfer you did from your personal laptop. Reconfigure Your Default Device Settings Usually when we receive our smart devices they are packed with default insecure settings. And things become worse if we do not modify their configurations. As weak default credentials, intrusive features, ports and permissions need to be assessed and reconfigured as per your requirements. Install Firewalls and Other IoT Security Solutions to Identify Vulnerabilities To safeguard your Smart homes and other consumer IoT networks block unauthorized traffic over the wire through firewalls. At the same time run intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS) to monitor and analyze network traffic. This is where you can use an automated scanner to uncover security weaknesses within your network infrastructure. Use a scanner to identify open ports and review the network services that are running. Now let’s check out the key steps to protect your enterprise network against modern security threats. Steps To Protect Your Enterprise IoT Network We have seen many manufacturing industries adopting IoT and growing. However many aren’t serious enterprise security, that’s a mistake. Because we have seen that In 2018,  21% of companies reported a data breach or cyberattack due to insecure IoT devices. So do not let that happened with you and follow the steps below to protect your enterprise IoT network: Step 1:  Be alert of the risk As IoT is relatively new as compared to IT, hence some of the threats are newer and not as widely used, and make companies reluctant. But we forget that IoT security is like buying insurance. We think we won’t ever have to use it, but the odds are, we might. So it’s better to realize that with a lot of connected devices in use, we might have vulnerabilities that need to be minimized and fixed. Step 2: Design a Secure network architecture The Ponemon study found that less than 10% of organizations are confident they know about all of the printers, cameras, and building automation systems on their networks that are connected to the Internet. Hence, it’s essential to carefully design your network architecture. And protect your devices from the network, and further protect your network from the devices. Step 3: Observe Your Suppliers and Vendors Attackers are smart today, they may target you through the suppliers and vendors. So do not underestimate the vulnerability that comes along with companies you connect with.  It’s a better practice to include the security practices as part of your vendor risk management process. Step 4: Practice For the Data Breach You must prepare for an IoT data breach the same way you prepare for disasters like fire, earthquake, or other. Make a plan, have a regular drill, and keep the plan updated. It’s good to have regular exercises to test your data-breach preparedness.  How will you tackle the situation If you get breached? you should have a well-documented plan for the same. Step 5:  Control what you can, and learn to live with calculated risk It is important to realize that while you should do everything that you can do, you can’t expect to prevent everything. So learn to live with a calculated risk. For something that’s as crucial as a backdoor into your entire network, which is really what a smart-building management company represents, you really need to keep a close eye on their security practices. Step 6: Start now, and get ready for whatever comes next IoT being an emerging technology can not and should not be removed from our enterprises.Although there is risk that comes with it but like all excellent growth you need to take that risk and better prepare yourself to reduce the chances of mishappening like data breaches and others. You know new devices are coming with each passing days, hackers are becoming more creative, and the risks are getting more profound and devastating. So, Be aware and take proactive steps to secure your IoT network. And if you are looking for any other assistance in IoT services, do not forget to check our IoT services page.
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