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Mariah Carey is known for her great curves and muscular body. Her personal trainer says that they have built her routine around Mariah's love of water. She does over an hour of swimming and water aerobics each day! Water aerobics are great for building muscles without putting too much stress on your body. Here are two of her favorite moves: When in the shallow area of the pool, hold your arms to your sides. Raise your hand straight in front of you to shoulder height and then lower it back to its start position. Water’s resistance exercises the muscles of arms and chest. Perform a set of 10 reps. Grip swimming pool’s sides and raise yourself up like you want to get out of the pool. Perform a set of 10. The exercise works the arms and chest muscles.
I love how muscular she is! The water resistance is great for making your muscles work harder than you realize.
I really need to get back to the gym for the pool, I've been so busy that I haven't done much more than elliptical or treadmill work. I miss swimming!
Mariah has always had awesome curves!
I love running laps in the shallow end of the pool. Less stress on my knees, less sweat in my eyes!
I wish I could swim that often...but I would have no idea where to go swimming in Seoul. Even when I'm back home in the UK, the pool isn't cheap =_=