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On the instruction of Zhou Enlai, Zhou Youguang began work on Hanyu Pinyin in 1955. At the Fifth Session of the First National People's Congress on February 11, 1958, Zhou Enlai proposed a motion to replace Zhuyin pinyin with a roman alphabet version. The motion was passed and the new phonetic scheme was called Hanyu Pinyin. Although the motion was passed in 1958, in the early 1960s, people were still using Zhuyin and it wasn't until the late 1960s that Hanyu pinyin had been accepted as the standard form across Mainland China. Many Chinese people initially objected to the change but the benefits of a Pinyin based system soon became apparent. The alphabet symbols in Pinyin were already familiar to people in foreign countries and familiar to China's own minority groups. This greater increased China's ability to become better connected to the outside world.
I honestly hadn't known anything had really come before Pinyin...I always assumed they'd just learnt straight from the characters although that must've been really hard. It was really interesting to see the Zhuyin script though - it's almost like a new language in itself!
@zhengshi I know - although I knew of it, I'd never actually seen Zhuyin before I prepared for this card~