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Contemporary philosopher Ruth Chang discusses the importance of understanding how we approach hard choices and how that affects the outcome. She notes that hard choices are those decisions we agonize over because neither option is better than the other over all. Both sides have pros, both sides have cons. Ruth encourages us to realize that small choices can also be hard, which may help us see larger choices as less daunting. According to TED talks, "She offers a powerful new framework for shaping who we truly are."
philosophy is now adamant and found by the rules of the founding fathers.jones.
@sophiamor @flymetothemoon Her breakfast example wasn't the best, but I think her point of understanding how we make decisions is what is important.
I agree with you @sophiamor! I like that even though she made the choice to go to law school, she went back to what she really wanted to do in the end.
I wouldn't necessarily compare choosing breakfast and choosing to uproot your family, but I understand her point.