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HSK 5 Vocabulary 3
1. 重复 chóngfù to repeat, to duplicate 他一再重复他的观点。 He reiterated his views over and over again. 2. 尖锐 jiānruì sharp, intense, acute 他看问题很尖锐。 He sees things with a keen (or sharp) eye. 3. 破产 pòchǎn to go bankrupt 有些厂家濒临破产。There are some factories verging on bankruptcy. 4. 回忆 huíyì to recollect, to bring to mind 这件事勾起了我对童年的回忆。 This evoked memories of my childhood. 5. 丰富 féngfù rich, abundant, plentiful 他的教学经验很丰富。 He has a great deal of teaching experience.
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