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I first visited Sulbing two weeks ago...and in the last two weeks, I've been 4 times. Wow - that's almost embarrassing to admit but it's simply testament to how great this dessert café is. Honestly, most of the times I've visited Sulbing, it hasn't been intentional. I'll be with friends and suddenly the bingsu craving will hit and Sulbing just happens to be there - there are a lot of Sulbing stores in Seoul! Hailing from Busan, this company prides itself on tradition, quality and healthy food. Sulbing aims to produce classic Korean desserts with a modern twist, treats that are indulgent but healthily so with the aim of one day converting Korea's favourite dessert into a global favourite. Based on its stardom in Busan, Sulbing began it's Seoul-based expansion out of a store in Hongdae and now boasts over 13 stores in the capital. But what sets Sulbing apart from all the other bingsu restaurants? Well, instead of using ice as the base, Sulbing uses frozen milk resulting in a much sweeter, creamier dessert. The dessert spot has many bingsu offerings, mostly with modern touches, from bingsu topped with chunks of cheese to bingsu with yogurt and berries. Over the last few days, I've tried three different flavours. First I tried the Injeolmi Sulbing (인절미설빙) -frozen milk topped with soft rice cakes generously coated in sweet bean powder. Secondly, I tried the Blueberry Sulbing (블루베리 팥설빙) - the same frozen milk base but topped with a blueberries, a rich blueberry sauce and a scoop of ice cream. I also tried the Berry Yoghurt Sulbing (베리요거트설빙) - the same base again, this time served with a topping of frozen berries and fruit coulis. All of the sulbing I tried were served with a tumbler of condensed milk - which can be refilled for free if you happen to have a very sweet tooth! I have to admit, my favourite is definitely the Blueberry Sulbing. I really liked the mixture of tangy berries, sweet condensed milk and creamy ice. The Berry Yoghurt Sulbing was good but since the fruit was all frozen and therefore rather bland, it loses out to the blueberry version! Bear in mind, particularly in the smaller stores, it's quite normal to have to wait for a table so either factor waiting time into your arrangements or reserve a table in advance. Cost: Sulbing desserts start at 8,000won. Coffee ranges from 3,500-6,000won. Location: There are many locations across Seoul - please see the website for more details. Website: Opening Hours: Store opening times vary but all stores are open by 10:30AM and most stores shut between 10:30PM and 12:00PM. The main store in Hongdae is open 24 hours day. For More Information: +82 2 323 3288
I'm gonna tell my friend that we totally have to try that.We're going to seoul on December
I need bingsu >.<
@wividemol you definitely should!!
@wividemol it is!
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