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Dictionaries are: collections of words (in one or more languages) listed alphabetically (or by radical/stroke in ideographic languages). They use information, definitions, etymologies, phonetics, pronunciations, translation and other information as well. Some dictionaries are broad and others are more specialized. Though that are specialized only contain the language specific to that specialization. The first dictionary came out in Sumerian times (at least, the first recorded dictionary) and the pieces have grown and evolved since them. Dictionaries are used in nearly every field of study: be it language, science, writing, or more. The types of dictionaries are endless, and they are nearly always nonfiction. The only times they are not nonfiction is in the case of "joke" dictionaries.
@onesmile Interesting way to think of it- "add truth" it sort of is. @ryantadman Do they really? well that's something I didnt know!
@greggr we look to reference books like dictionaries for information and truth, so I really think it is like "adding truth!"
I always wanted to help write a dictionary as a child because companies often let you add your own random word!
Dictionaries are pretty much just what I think of when I think of "true" books! That's why it's always so interesting when dictionaries add new words to the dictionary: it's like adding some sort of truth? lol