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There are some must have items I always make sure I have on the boat with me--what are yours? Let me know what you think I should add to my list. 1. First-aid Kit First aid kits are essential for any injuries that may occur. While they shouldn't be common, fish have teeth and hooks have teeth, so you should be prepared for any injury that might occur. That being said, you also need... 2. Hook Extractor Sometimes, you can just yank out a hook, but there are times when you hook yourself and you need this tool to help you. You might not want to use it (talking to you, tough guy) but it's better to have it and not use it than to wish you'd bought one. 3. Rachet, screw driver, nuts, bolts, duct tape There's always a chance of something going wrong on your boat, and having these basic tools will help you get yourself home faster. Keep these in a water proof contained to protect them from water and other elements. 4. Trolling motor blade Look, you never expect it to break, but it might. Have an extra and you'll be home fast, even if one breaks. 5. Spare boat keys It's debatable on where you should keep these (in your pocket? wired secretly to the boat somehow?) but it is possible to lose your boat keys while out fishing. Rather than having to find a way to hot wire your boat, keep a set of spare keys with you. 6. Rain gear More for comfort than anything, but this extra layer of rain gear can help keep you dry and warm in surprising weather conditions. 7. Rope Self explanatory, I think. 8. Fire extinguisher A small fire extinguisher will prevent any small fires that may occur. Sure, you're surrounded by water, but you never know what might happen, and again, better safe than sorry. 9. Whistle or air horn In times of urgent danger, you can use these tools to attract the attention of nearby boaters and anglers, alerting them that you are having trouble and getting help on the way. 10. Life jackets So that you can float, should you decide to leave the comfort of your boat.
I also want food, and a cell phone, and a GPS, and a map, and a knife, and more extra rope, and more!! I never thought I'd need my hook extractor, but it is a big must for me after all.
I would not have considered the tools or the extra motor blade-good points! I tend to worry more about myself than my boat hah....but since my boat holds me that's not very smart.
@mcgraffy I'll probably just keep pushing my luck, hah
@dougjohnson they're still good to have just in case--you never know what the waters will act like in unexpected weather.
I don't usually worry about rain gear or air horns unless I know the water might get rough. Anyways, I'm usually just on a small private lake.
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