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It's not unusual for younger girls to get a little obsessed about good looking male celebrities, but this celebrity has a falling of the more than obsessed. Reports are stating that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby. Mendes, 40, is reportedly seven months pregnant. However, the very fact that this rumor has come up is not surprising. Neither is the fact that both Gosling and Mendes have not confirmed the pregnancy. Historically, both Gosling and Mendes have kept their private lives, including their relationship, out of the public eye. There is something surprising coming out of all this gossip. Girls on Twitter acting like it is literally the end of the world. Tears were shed. Many attempted to take the "high-road", dreams were shattered, the meaning of life was questioned, heartbreak spread among populations, and girls were left utterly devastated. All of this over a piece of gossip. Whatever the outcome of this ordeal, we can all rest assured that Gosling will still have his looks.
I want to laugh, but I can't even laugh because I was a bit distraught as well hahaha!!! I just hope he's happy!
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I'm glad they were able to keep it quiet for as long as they did. I'm sure being pregnant and followed by the paparazzi isnt fun.
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Was there just a rumor about Ryan Gosling adopting a baby, and now this??
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