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These mountain bikers were on a pleasant stroll through the plains of South Africa when one of the cyclists gets mowed down by an antelope. Yes, a full blown, horns and all antelope. Imagine getting hit by refrigerator running at you at 30mph. Now imagine that refrigerator has horns. It seems like the cyclists is seriously concussed after this hit, but he managed to make a full recovery. No news on the antelope unfortunately.
Yes he is lucky that the helmet took the brunt of the force and he wasn't hit by a horn! @TeamWaffles
Ouch, I'm glad he's okay. That could have ended so much worse for him.
@nokcha He is a fairly well known cyclist in South Africa. He was knocked unconscious but fortunately the helmet absorbed most of the impact. He has made a full recover and laughed about the video while in the hospital
I didnt not expect that! Is he okay!? Thank god for the helment