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Finally the Korean version of Fated to Love You premiered last week! I was a big fan of the original Taiwanese version when it came out back in 2008 (How has it been six years already?!), so this was definitely on my drama radar. In my opinion, Taiwanese dramas have this sort of ridiculousness that works for them, so I was curious as to how that would translate into the Korean drama world. After watching the first two episodes, my verdict is... that I'm still unsure. I don't know if it's because I've matured (hopefully) in the last six years, because although the situations could be applicable to reality, I find it extremely hard to believe that characters like Lee Gun to exist. I also don't recall if Ji Cun Xi in the Taiwanese version was as eccentric as Lee Gun, so it just screams too fake to me. Jang Hyuk is no doubt a great actor, so I hope he can turn my opinion around on his character. As for Jang Nara, I think she fits the character of Kim Mi Young well. I actually think she seems a little too pretty still compared to Chen Xin Yi, who was very good at portraying plain. (I actually think Jung Soo Young in "High School King of Savvy" would make a better Chen Xin Yi but that's unrelated here.) For second-lead Sera, I absolutely loved what they've done to her character. I remember Anna in the Taiwanese version as whiny and annoying, but I'm glad they added some spunk and color into her character for this one. I can't really compare Daniel to Dylan because honestly I don't remember him at all in the original... So far, the drama does a good job of following the original storyline, but there's one thing I have to pick at. In the Taiwanese version, there is a part where Chen Xin Yi cries because she lost her virginity to an unknown man. Although Ji Cun Xi was being targeted for future blackmail, I liked how the drama portrayed that Xin Yi also lost something precious to her that night. In the Korean version, the loss seemed too one-sided because never once did Mi Young even realize to herself that she lost her virginity to a stranger, while Gun just throws a tantrum and locks her wrists in his hands. I don't believe it's because she was "too nice" either. I wouldn't want to turn this small scene into a big debate about the underlying issue of sexism, but I just wanted to point that out. Anyway! I'm rambling now lol, but what did everyone else think of the premiere?
@kdramallama, I agree! but Jang Hyuk was soo hot!
@dramacrazy Yeah, I really didn't like how they left that out. Literally nobody said anything about it...
@dramacrazy I was mostly watching for Lee Jong Suk to be honest because I'm a fan of his acting. I do think he and Kang Sora has much better chemistry than he does with Jin Se Yun though
@lili, I don't know about the rest of the viewing audience but I just ended up not liking the female lead in Doctor Stranger. I'm making myself watch the last two episodes. @kdramallama, I found that kind of weird that she didn't make a fuss over losing her virginity. can't wait for episode 3 and 4.
@kdramallama It's good so far...it's a good way to distract myself from no more Doctor Stranger. :'(
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