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Cruel Lover (One Shot) +18 part 1
Who: Jung Kiseok X Reader What: Smut Story: N/A I must admit, I was ranting.... "I can't believe that idiot took two whole crates with him and no one even noticed. Everyone in that warehouse was supposed to be counting and checking their lists. No one paid attention to the numbers. Honestly, it's impossible to find good help around here. You really need to do a thorough check of your men. And can you believe that Jay had the nerve to-" "Shut up." He said calmly. I looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Excuse me?" His demeanor was calm. He was a businessman... always a businessman. Jung Kiseok was also a harsh man, his deep voice made him sound more authoritative than Jay or Sungwoo. Kiseok turned to look at me, in that smooth deep tone of his, just as calm as before he said, "Shut. Up." He stepped up to me, backing me towards a wall as I became indignant. "What the hell Dominic? This is your business too." "You're annoying me." He said. My back hit the wall as he came closer to me. His face was only inches from mine, but close enough that I could feel his breath on my skin. His body was even closer and I realized if I didn't have my heels on he would've been leaning down more to get to me. I had seen this man kill his own for far less, I had listened to him coldly threaten his friends and here he was trying to intimidate me and, honestly, it wasn't working. He was just pissing me off. Who the hell did he think he was talking to? Calling me annoying! I may talk a lot but only when it's about the business and only with him. If I annoyed him that much he could've told me long ago when I started working for him. "All you do is talk, you never shut up. What do I have to do to get you to stop?" He said. "I can tell you one thing, insulting me isn't going to do it!" Kiseok sighed as I started ranting again about how rude he was being to me and how I was just trying to help with the business. He became even more annoyed and suddenly crashed his lips into mine. He kissed me harshly, it had a sort of hungry intensity to it as if he had been waiting to capture me. Our tongues mingled with each other and this sensational feeling of being teased rose inside of me. He pulled away slowly and I cleared my throat and looked away from him. I heard him chuckle, "So that's the way to do it huh?" I looked away from him a little embarrassed; I really didn't have anything else to say. Damn his fine ass for pulling a stunt like that on me! I could feel his hand grab my jaw and turn my face so that I was facing him. He pressed his lips to mine again but he took this kiss slowly, savoring the taste of my lips. I felt his tongue slide along my bottom lip. I let out a soft moan by accident but it gave him the opening he needed for his tongue to slip into my mouth again. The two warm muscles danced together again and I felt myself pressing into Kiseok without thinking about it. My core was warming and my legs were tingling to the point I was ready to wrap them around his waist. He was talented with his lips. I never thought I would kiss Kiseok, this dark figure, dangerous and sometimes unpredictable but right now that's exactly what I was doing. I pushed him off of me suddenly. I must've been out of my mind falling prey to my own boss. Kiseok was drop dead sexy there was no denying that but this man was cruel; I heard rumors about what he was into. He liked owning his partners like pets or little slaves. He was a man that had everything he wanted at his finger tips, I wasn't going to be owned by him. The entire thought was insane and I rubbed my lips with the back of my hand as I looked away from him again. I heard Kiseok laugh, "That ought to shut you up for at least a week. Should I kiss you again to make it two?" He snuggled his head between my neck and shoulder. I felt his lips gently graze against my skin, his lips felt so soft against my flesh. I felt my heart skip, heat rose in my loins, my stomach tightend and I felt weak. The tingle, the seduction, it made me moan. I felt a wave of pleasure gently wash over my mind, it affected my senses making me slowly descend into the spell of Jung Kiseok. Kiseok's lips latched onto my neck and suck at my flesh. His breath was warm and I was melting beneath him because of it. I threw my head back with my eyes closed, my lips parted and my soft pants becoming slightly louder moans. He stopped his kisses to grab me by my jaw again, "Look at me." His voice was cruel and demanding but it turned me on. This was apart of his spell, wasn't it? Perhaps I always liked tough men, the kind that demanded respect, that wanted to take control. Kiseok was manlier than I gave him credit for and that tone in his voice was tantalizing. Was his voice always so strong? Listening to it with my eyes closed, he was sensationally erotic just with his voice. His voice reached my depths and awakend me. "I said look at me." He repeated. I opened my eyes slightly to see him. He stared at me like he disapproved of me. I wondered if he knew how much his cruelty turned me on. Did he think it was just him, because he was handsome? He tilted my head up like he needed a better view of my face. He pressed his body against mine until he erased the existence of personal space, his leg came between my legs, and he dipped his head down to my ear so that he could whisper to me, "You have no idea how much I want you right now." He said. "Then shut up and take me already." I whispered back. Damn it, he broke me down. I was never good at denying my body's desires. I was a victim to the sensations he stirred within me. He chuckled, "Do you know what you're saying Y/N?" I grabbed onto his suit jacket and pulled him towards me like I was going to fight him. "Either take me now or get your hands off of me." I threatened. To my surprise, he smiled and let me go. He turned to walk away and I finally realized that all of this had happened in the hallway of the studio. I followed Kiseok silently embarrassed at myself; we still had business to get done but this time I was silent. We got into his car and his driver took off while I sat on my side of the car. We were supposed to be going to the bar, some book keeping needed to be picked up but I heard Kiseok tell the driver, "Back home Mr. Kim." I looked at him confused and was about to say something when I thought about what he said to me. Did I really talk so much that I was annoying? I held my tongue and looked the other way. I figured he was going to pick something up so I was going to wait in the car, except he came to my side and opened the door. I almost fell out too because I was leaning on the door. "Get out." He demanded. I was going to bite back but instead I bit my tongue and got out of the car like he said. He walked me to his home and invited me in. He told me to follow him as we headed up the stairs and to a room. It didn't look like his bedroom, it looked like a guest room. I had walked in a head of him, looking around but as I turned to look at him I heard the door close behind me and then I saw him slipping off his suit jacket. I stared at him stunned as he pulled on his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. "Take your clothes off." He said plainly. It was an order, that harsh tone of his wasn't warm it was steely and yet it had butterflies flying in my stomach. I didn't get undressed, I just stared at him. My heart fluttered, Kiseok was being serious this whole time? "What's-happening?" I said softly. Kiseok walked up to me, his arm wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close, "You told me to take you, so that's what I'm doing. It's a little to late to back out now." He said "But if I said I wanted to?" I cocked an eyebrow. Kiseok smirked and let me go. He raised his hand to the closed door and said, "You're welcome to leave at anytime." I hated how cocky he was because he knew I wasn't going to leave. He really did get whatever he wanted, it was only because he had turned me on so much otherwise I would've walked away. My heat was craving to taste him. He cupped the side of my neck and chills ran through my body. He kissed me again, ravishing my lips in sweet passion. He started to undo the buttons of my shirt then tossed it aside. Without warning, he took control and pulled down the zipper of my skirt. He decided he was going to undress me. "You've got a nice body." He said. I was a bit flustered, out of all the men in the company I had considered sleeping with, I hadn't thought about Kiseok. He backed me down until the back of my leg hit the edge of the bed. He gave me a light push so I fell back on the bed, the soft sheets whispered to my skin like they wanted to invite me into a heaven. I watched Kiseok from my position, "Don't move." He said. He walked over to his closet and I watched him grab rope from a rack he had set up on the back wall of the closet. So, he really was deep into that kind of stuff. He walked back just as I sat up to get a closer look at what he was bring. He leaned onto the bed, putting the majority of his weight on me. He kissed below my ear and then I felt his tongue swipe along my ear lobe. I couldn't help but moan. I grabbed onto his shoulders but then he grabbed my wrist and pressed it into the bed. "I told you not to move." "Do you expect all your lovers to do as you say?" I challenged. He raised my hands above my head and tied the rope around my wrists, then he tied the other end of the rope to the head board. "My lovers do what I ask them but I don't expect any of that from you." He answered. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" He chuckled and pulled my panties down and opened my legs. "You're cuter when you pretend you don't want it." "What the hell? Is this some kind of kidnapper fantasy you-" I was cut off by my own moan. Kiseok had slipped his hand up to my breast and pinched my nipple. At the same time, he was dipping a single digit inside of me. I looked down in time to see him glancing up at me between my legs. There was this seductively sinister looks in his eyes as he said, "What would you think of me if I said yes?" "Creep." I scoffed. I said that but I was truly turned on by his actions. He kissed my clit softly and then slowly made light licks along my sensitive nub.I bit my lip trying not to moan. A second finger dipped inside of me and he curled it up searching for the perfect spot. I was panting, my feet pushed into the bed as my mind became dizzy, his licks were calculated and slow but they would linger so that this arousing sensation took over my body and wasn't allowed to leave. My heart was pounding to the point my lips parted to release more pants, heavier pants. My legs tingled and tightened begging for more. "You say that but your body is more honest," he showed his fingers to me and seperated them just so I could see my arousal on his fingers, "it seems you're just as perverted as me." "That doesn't mean anything." No way I was going to openly admit to him that I liked it. Hell, I loved it and I wanted him to torture me more. "Oh really?" I could feel my face getting hot. My boss had me tied up in his bed, my legs opened wide and his fingers inside me. I didn't know what was worse, the fact that I willingly submitted to this or the fact that I really was getting turned on the more I pretend to resist and he pretended not to care.... or was he pretending? He was teasing me and I did everything I could not to call his name. He was sucking and lapping me up. His hand pushed my leg open even more and then reached up to pinch my nipples. My back arched off the bed as I released arousing moans. I was unable to keep my moans quiet. My arms tensed up and I yanked on the rope. Not being able to touch or push him into me more was driving me insane. I tried rolling my hips to get more friction but he only took more control over me. He pushed my hips down into the bed and looked up at me. "You should become mine." I looked down at him like he was crazy. "Your's! Why would I?" "I wonder how long it would take for me to get you to follow my commands. Like a good little puppy." "I'm not some animal Kiseok, as if I'd really allow you to lock me away and take me out only when it's time to play." "Why not?" He stood up straight and licked his fingers, "I could buy you a nicer place then where you live now. I can treat you to fancy food. You could have a better life if you belonged to me." Kiseok was getting rid of his clothes as he spoke to me. His offer hit my core and stirred up a concoction I wasn't prepared for. I loved my job, I didn't want to be some trophy. If he thought he was going to lock me up I wasn't going to have it. "Bold of you to assume I'd want any of that. You and your money can go to hell." I grinned. He returned my smirk, clearly even more amused by me refusing him and leaned his body over mine. Was it possible that the only reason he initiated this was because he knew I'd refuse him? The first woman that wouldn't give into his request so easily? Nah, at the end of it all, I still ended up in his bed. He pushed my bra up over my breast and flicked the tip of his tongue on my nipple. He played with my clit as he suckled on my breast. His lips moved from one side to the other. He kissed my breast tenderly, his teeth nibbled on my nipples making me whine. I mewled soflty at his touch. I squirmed beneath him because I couldn't stand the sensations over running my system. He was tempting me, seducing me and through a salacious moan I said, "I'll never be yours." "We'll see." He responded cooly. He sat up and mounted me, he lifted my legs and held them open while he aligned himself with my entrance. Feeling his member push inside of me, I couldn't hold back my moans. It felt so good, more than I could've predicted it. All I wantsd to do was kiss and scratch him, to bite at his skin. His hips moved back and forth with a fury, he bit his lip as he watched me. I tried to hold back my moans. I could hear his heavy panting and it turned me on more. "You're sucking me in. You're enjoying it aren't you?" He said. Oh his voice was deep and fucked out. My heart and mind raced. I felt like I was losing touch with reality. It felt good, my eyes rolled back feeling him go deeper and deeper inside me, my warmth encasing him as he slid into the depths of my core. "It's so wet inside you. You're a dirty girl aren't you?" He teased me. He leaned over while still moving. He brought his hand to my face and turned it so that I could look at him. I opened my eyes a little to see him but his beautiful face so close to mine made me whine. "Admit it, you're quite lewd aren't you Y/N?" I bit my lip hard and he chuckled and used his thumb to tug at my lower lip so I'd release it. "This is how I get you to shut up? I can live with that." He teased. "Just shut up and keep fucking me." I growled at him. He laughed and slammed into me deeply and stayed there. I trembled beneath him as I let out a scream. My toes curled and my legs shook. I wrapped my legs around his waist and the rope tightend around my wrists as I tried to reach for him. He started moving again, in and out of my body so smoothly. He kissed me as he fucked me and took over my body. Every nerve ending belonged to him. I was sensitive to his touch, my mind was blank, there were wondeful sensations swimming though my body and over loading my system to the point I felt like I was floating. "I'm- gonna cum Ki-seok." I felt my entire body tighten as I got closer and closer to the end. I was trembling, and wiggling on the bed while his hot body writhed against mine. The sweat from his body dropped onto my stomach and cooled me down. I shuddered and whined I cried for him even though I didn't want to. He lifted my legs onto his arms and lifted my buttocks. He was going way deeper now as if his length knew no limits; my eyes rolled back and my mouth opened with a scream, "Oh my god!" I was shaking hard as my climax came in an explosion and sent me to heaven. My mind was struck pure ecstacy but that didn't keep him from moving. He hadn't cum yet and the feeling of his member invading my private space was numbing now. My stomach loosened from its knots and even though I was in the room with him I couldn't think straight anymore, it was as if I wasn't even in my body anymore. I felt like I was floating, I was high. I heard Kiseok groan, "Be mine." He whispered He said it over and over again in a chant as if him saying that while he drove his heat into mine was apart of a spell. What kind of incantation was he reciting? I pulled on the rope again. "Never." I moaned. It still felt good having him inside me. He stopped for a moment only to turn me around. He propped me up on my elbows and raised my butt in the air. I felt him enter me once again from behind, it felt like he was sliding deeper inside me, it was as if the deeper he drove into me the more space he created. I pushed my moans into the bed. I could feel his warmth encase my body like a veil of protection. I was losing my senses. My arms were shaking, my legs felt weak and he just kept moving and moving. I heard his voice get rough and there was a deep growl in his voice. I gripped onto the pillow tightly and bounced my ass back into him. He slapped my cheeks, getting more into it. Control was all Kiseok needed, it was all he seemed to want but I sensed that he desired a chase, something that wasn't easy to get. The cat and mouse game turned him on so much; I moved back into his pelvis as he drove into me helping him to find what he was looking for and then I felt him jerk inside me. His member twitched and he groaned deeply, his fingernails dug into my hips leaving half moon imprints while I felt the heat of his orgasam pool inside of me. I was shocked but I couldn't fight him about it. I was tired. I collapsed onto the bed and felt him slowly slide out of me. He untied my wrists and I saw the marks that were left from me pulling on them. He dipped down and kissed me softly. I looked at him through half lidded eyes. "You can stay here tonight." He whispered. "Kiseok." My eyes were closed but I was still someone what awake. "I'll never be yours." I heard a soft chuckle, "You freedom is yours Y/N but eventually," I heard the sound of the door opening, "You'll be begging to belong only to me." The door closed and I smiled and whispered to myself, "You wish." Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre @Yugykookie97 @dalenalw KISS Squad @BabydollBre, @QueenyCrossGene, and @BTSMicDrop Lip glosses @EXOahjummafan @Starbell808 @QueenPandaBunny @divanicola05 @MelindaL @MelissaGarza @yugykookie97 Shall we date Kpop? @royalpandajedi @ElishaFisher @WinKonVIP @lexxcisco @BtsXExo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @Msloyalheart @kpopanime45 @Kandle779 @MaritessSison @Elizabeth1234
펌) 이즘 역사상 최고의 악평
망나니, 양아치, 패륜아, 블랙넛 by 한동윤 항문이 입에 달린 꼴이다. 꺼내는 말 하나하나 죄다 똥 같다. 욕설, 비속어, 성기를 지칭하는 노골적인 표현이 난무해 몹시 지저분하게 느껴진다. 추잡한 어휘들을 동원해 자신이 잘났다고 내내 거들먹거리는 태도를 나타내니 역겹기까지 하다. 래퍼 블랙넛은 지난 3월 말 출시한 EP < ㅍㅍㅍ >에서 작정한 듯 연신 더럽고 고약한 말을 쏟아 낸다. 똥밭이 따로 없다. 세 편의 수록곡 중 '펀치라인 애비 2'가 가장 흉측하다. 처녀막을 찢고 사정하겠다는 둥 여자를 돈 주고 살 수 있는 형편이 됐다면서 돈이 필요한 여자들은 SNS로 연락하라는 둥 여성을 업신여기거나 향락의 도구로 치부하는 표현을 서슴없이 내뱉는다. 공격 대상으로 생각한 래퍼의 여동생을 임신시키겠다고도 한다. 높아진 인지도와 역량이 뛰어나다는 것을 부각하기 위해 블랙넛은 여성을 언제든 함부로 대할 수 있는 존재로 묘사한다. 치졸하고 지질하다. 거북한 내용은 그것 외에도 더 있다. 블랙넛은 노래에서 실력이 부족한 다른 래퍼, 혹은 래퍼 지망생들을 비난하면서 여성의 음부를 언급한다. 그곳이 무능한 래퍼들을 배출했다며 죄악을 저지른 것이나 다름없다고 얘기한다. 고귀한 생명을 탄생시키는 여성과 그 육체를 그는 낮잡다 못해 원흉으로 간주해 버린다. 저속한 사상의 당당한 발현에 기가 막혀서 쓴웃음조차 나오지 않는다. 실력이 달리는 이의 래핑보다 난잡한 말을 염치없이 지껄이는 래핑이 훨씬 더 볼썽사납다. 블랙넛의 논리대로라면 그의 어머니가 더 큰 죄를 지으신 셈이다. 망나니 자식이 아무 잘못 없는 어머니를 한순간에 과인(科人)으로 만들어 버렸다. 랩을 당장 그만두는 것이 효도하는 길이다. 노래는 끝까지 불쾌함을 잇는다. 마지막에 다다라 블랙넛은 못된 에이즈 환자처럼 모두와 성관계하는 것이 자신의 모토라고 밝힌다. 막무가내로 다른 래퍼들을 위협하고 공격하는 인물이 되겠다는 뜻으로 해석할 수 있다. 하지만 이 가사는 후천성면역결핍증 환자들이 나쁜 마음을 먹으면 그런 행동을 할 것이라는 오해를 불러일으킬 만하다. 그는 이 부분에서 다시 한 번 사회적 약자를 희화화하며 자신을 포장하는 수단으로 활용한다. 하는 짓이 싸구려 양아치와 다를 바 없다. 힙합이 태동하던 시기부터 자신을 과시하고 다른 래퍼를 깎아내리거나 조롱하는 행위가 존재해 온 것은 사실이다. 또한 갱스터 랩이 융성하면서부터는 여성을 하찮게 대하고 성적 노리개로 보는 가사가 늘어났다. 1980년대 후반부터는 투 라이브 크루(2 Live Crew) 등에 의해 외설스러움으로 재미를 추구하는 노래도 증가했다. 하지만 이것이 힙합의 선천적 성질은 아니며 보존하고 엄수해야 할 훌륭한 전통 또한 아니다. 블랙넛의 노래는 못된 것만 골라 배운 예시다. 설령 이러한 모습이 설정이며 가공된 캐릭터라고 할지라도 모름지기 지켜야 할 선이 있다. 여성이 블랙넛의 노래를 듣는다면 다수가 수치심과 언짢음을 느낄 만하다. 음란죄 적용 대상이다. 게다가 인면수심 패륜성까지 띠기에 심히 거슬릴 수밖에 없다. 알량한 자만을 목적으로, 그리고 본질적으로 튀어 보이려고 특정 대상과 사회적 약자를 희롱하고 막돼먹은 언사를 남발하니 더더욱 추악하게 느껴진다. 인간이 짐승과 다른 점은 언어가 있다는 것이다. 하지만 이 언어를 사려 없이 닥치는 대로 내뱉는다면 짐승만도 못한 존재가 되고 만다. 블랙넛은 이를 명심해야 한다. 한편에서 목격되는 다수의 동조는 블랙넛의 노래만큼이나 경악스럽다. < ㅍㅍㅍ > 앨범이 게시된 음원사이트 페이지에는 '통쾌하다', '솔직한 표현이 좋다' 등 블랙넛을 지지하는 의견이 많다. 인간의 존엄성을 짓밟는 비윤리적 행위에 맞장구치는 것은 결코 옳은 행동이 아니다. 재미와 쾌락만을 좇다가 도덕성을 잃을까 봐, 상스러움이 힙합의 참맛이라고 오해하는 청취자가 늘어날까 봐 우려된다. 심히 걱정된다. 출처 : 렬루 맞는 말 대잔치ㅇㅇ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 개인적으로 블랙넛의 음악세계 전~~~~~~~혀 이해가 되지 않고...... 비호............. '블랙넛의 논리대로라면 그의 어머니가 더 큰 죄를 지으신 셈이다. 망나니 자식이 아무 잘못없는 어머니를 한순간에 과인(科人)으로 만들어 버렸다. 랩을 당장 그만두는 것이 효도하는 길이다.' 지금 블랙넛 뼈를 때리다 못해 가루로 만들어서 조사버리셨는데요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Gumibo Masquerade (16+)
Plot: You attend a Halloween Mark party with friends for fun to only end up peaking the internet of a kindred spirit. Cast: You & Simon Dominic 16+: Due to Liquor / Violence _______________________________________________ “y/n! Come on! I don’t want to get there and the party already over!” My Best friend Lissy called out to me from downstairs with the rest of our friends. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, whilst throwing on my leather jacket. It was a house party so I kept my outfit simple. Just wore an orange tank, that stands out thanks go the black leather jacket. The rest was a black plaid mini shirt, fishnet, and knee-high leather boots. What took me so long was my hair and make-up actually. “I’m ready, we can go now.” They all greeted me warmly before we got in the car and headed to the house party. Bonnie handed me a black lace mask with hints of orange on it. “It’s a masquerade house party you’re going to need this. We all have hidden neon paint over ours so we can find each other.” She waved a mini black light over the mask to make it glow. “Damn that is epic.” I commented on how cool it was before we arrived at the villa and put the masks on. We all got out and were greeted by amazing hip-hop music. Everyone was either outside or inside, and all wearing masks. We headed inside to get drinks and start joining the party. I froze though when I noticed there was something off about the red wine. Its name was in Latin, so I moved to another liquor. I just blinked when I noticed either the liquid looked weird, or the letters on the bottle. I just gave up and grabbed a bottle of water. I didn’t need to drink to have fun. Sober can be just as fun. I was dancing with my friends to J. Cole’s song ‘Deja Vu' when some guys came to dance with us. Bre was the first to stray from the group, then Kimi dipped from our group. Soon enough all the girls pair up except for me. They didn’t question the liquor, so I blame my bottle of water for why no one tries to holla at me. Yet I knew in the back of my head was a lie. “I think you have got to be the smartest chick here.” A gentle smooth voice spoke in my ear making me jump a bit. “You do know your friends and you are in danger? It would explain why you’re the smart one to drink water.” I turn to look at one of the most handsome men I have seen in this party. He was wearing a mask, but his auburn brown eyes were like pools of brown sugar. Even the tone of his voice is that deep level that could make any woman melt. If he spoke English, it would sound like a Boston accent. “How are we in danger?” He smirked, as his fingers caressed my jawline. “Do you lovely humans really think the supernatural world doesn’t exist?” I blinked at him until I watched the auburn brown eyes turn blood red, like a fire consuming paper. My entire being stiffens, out of complete shock. My fight or flight response was confused as to which would get me out of here alive with my friends. He looked me over before making eye contact again. “So you really didn’t know what kind of party this was. You ladies just simply crashed for fun? Here I thought one of my friends actually bring humans that knew about our kind.” He looked simply annoy a bit, leaving me even more confused. After giving a heavy sigh, he took out his phone and started to type away. “How many are in your group?” I instantly raised four fingers, excluding myself. Wondering is this man really was going to help my friends and I escape alive. Once he was done texting away, he grabbed my wrist and dragged me into a room that seems to had been off-limits to everyone at the party. My heart was already racing from fear, I was legit seconds away from having a panic attack. Yet, this man just standing by me alone was calming strangely. He pulled me into his embrace and rubbed my back until I had calmed down a bit more. I felt his fingers brush through my hair, as he petted my head. He then had me step back a bit to look down at me. His hands resting both on my shoulders. “Baby girl, there is no need for you to be so scared anymore. I just order some of my friends to find your group and to bring them here safely. Anyone that fights them will have to deal with me.” I pointed to my mask after nodding my head. “Our mask has neon paint on them, so we can find each other.” I simply wanted to help him get them back to me, but then realized I just gave away their location and possibly put them in more danger. The guilt started to eat away at me, as I noticed he was texting again. “Thank you, that will help them find your friends better. I don’t want humans that don’t know about us to be harmful. It could make shit difficult for all of us if we do.” I took the chance to check him out and smiled when I thought he looked like Simon Dominic of AOMG. “Did I catch you smiling just now?” He smirked as he looked at me from the corner of his eye. I simply hick and looked anywhere that wasn’t in his direction. “Now, now, don’t get shy on me. It brings me comfort to know I was able to make you feel a bit safer and make you smile.” I glanced at him to see a brilliant smile along his lips as he checked his phone. I reached up to touch his mask, but he was quicker than me, and in a flash, he grabbed my wrist. His blood-red eyes shine in my direction. “Masquerade for a reason. I don’t want you to know who I am.” His words were so cold it stung. He gave me back my hand, allowing me to sulk away from him a bit. “I understand.” I just looked around the room to see it was an office space area. Even had a built-in bookcase with some photos here and there. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my shoulders, as a warm soft breeze brush against the back of my neck. He rested his head against mine a bit after sighing. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. It’s just I don’t want to be exposed yet. I really am trying to protect you and your friends.” My entire being relaxed in his embrace, which was still strange to me, because I didn’t know this man at all. I gently rested my hands on his forearms and closed my eyes. I wanted to know why I was feeling like this, but at the same time, I just wanted to enjoy him holding me. He quickly pecks the top of my head, before letting go and turning to face the door. When I join him, four men came in with my friends. “Bonnie, Kim, Lissy, Bre!” I ran over to my friends as we all created a group hug. It was short-lived though, when the same strong arms, wrap around my waist and pulled me always from them. He then turns me to face him and pulled off my mask. “Take your friends, beautiful. Leave here and don’t come back, and remember we can easily erase your memories, but I want you to remember so you don’t repeat this.” He spoke so harshly but carried a kind tone. The idea though of never seeing him again bothers me to my core. I think he could see the sadness in my eyes and brushed his thumb along my cheek. “It’s better this way, trust me, but I will give you a parting gift.” He leans down and brushed his lips against mine. They felt so soft and warm, that it made me want to dive right in. I snapped out of it when I felt something pass our lips and roll down into my core. He then pulled away and return me to my friends. “Make sure they get to their car safe and sound.” The men nodded their heads, before leading us through the party. We were almost out the door when a bottle came flying and crashing against my head. The world was a blur, but I knew the person that threw the bottle was a girl, as she storms over to me. Even the music was cut, and the lights brighten a bit. One of the men got between us, as my friends try to help me keep standing. “You little slut! How dare you covet what doesn’t belong to you!” Her eyes were glowing as she tries to break out of the men's grasp. “Blood!” Someone shouted as my visit became clouded from the blood running down my face. Before I could say or do anything, my friends and I were swiped away and placed inside our car in seconds. Which my only good eye, I could see it was him again. He was the one that carried me to our car. He turned to face my friend that was placed in the driver seat. “Straight to the hospital, so she can get check out. As for that bitch, I got her.” We watched him walk away, as Lissy started the car and began to drive. Before I lost consciousness, I saw my mystery man grab the girl by the next and throw her. When I came to, I was in a private hospital room, with my friends sleeping on a cot, an arm-chair, and/or the couch. I was confused as to why I was in this kind of room and not the ICU area. “I see you’re awake.” I looked at the door as Simon Dominic walked into my room. I wanted to cheer but kept it internal when my guess on who was ended up being correct. I quickly sat up, but he was faster and made sure I didn’t. “You need to rest silly, the bottle hit you in the skull.” He petted my head and looked at me with warm auburn brown eyes. “I’m just happy to see I was right. I knew were Simon Dominic but didn’t have proof. Plus, I didn’t want you to stop being near me for some reason.” I rested my head in his hand, as he seems a bit caught off guard. He then smirked and licked his lips. “You, my love, are allowed to call me Kiseok, only in private of course.” I nodded my head before he kissed my forehead. “Be a good girl and listen to the doctor. The bill is already paid for, and when you’re released, I will be here to take you home.” I blinked at him confused, resulting in him tapping my nose. “That strange feeling that is making you want to be with me, is because we’re bonded. I will take you to my place to explain everything in private. Until then, make sure no one takes me away from you.” Before I could ask what, he was talking about, he winked at me and turned into a tiny cute gray fox, with a red collar around his neck. He looked like a cute toy fox, but when he moved, you knew it was real. I did exactly what he asked of me, and clung onto him for dear life until the doctors said I was clear to be discharged. The girls had gone back to hour Air BnB once daylight had broken. I told them I would come back on my own, once we found out Simon had signed the papers for my guardian. I put a cute fox in the bathroom and closed the door, and faced the wall, once the doctors left the room. I heard the door open behind me and was greeted by a strong back hug. He didn’t say a word though, as he let go and step out of my hospital room. I step out after room, wondering if what I was doing was the right thing to do. Naturally, no one would stick around to see what will happen, but here I was doing just that. Simon turns from the front desk to look at me after he finished signing the paperwork. He leans against the counter and gave me a soft smile before signaling for me to come closer to him. I moved to join him by his side, whilst lacing my fingers with his own. We said our farewells, before going to his car and driving to his apartment. When we enter inside, my mind was blown at the view. I took my shoes off at the doorway out of respect, before wandering the living room to get closer to the window. Simon came up behind me and hugged me, before kissing the nape of my neck. I could see his eyes glowing from the reflection. “Can I ask you a question?” He nodded his head and hum before looking at my reflection in the window. “Am I allow to go back to my friends, or even home a.k.a the states?” Simon corked an eyebrow and smirked. “I’m not going to stop you from leaving. Especially since you will come back on your own.” I tilted my head a bit so I can turn to look at him. “Want me to explain why you’re so willing now?” I nodded my head, whilst he just chuckles. “It’s called an imprint. I’m beyond happy to have found a second chance.” He looked out the window, and sadness filled his eyes. “She broke the bond and left me hurting. I was concerned I was going to have to wonder another lifetime with one.” He looked back at me and smiled brightly. “Then you walked into the party. Your scent drew me to you and see how smart you piqued my interest even more.” He spun me around so he could lead us to the couch. I finally noticed he had a fireplace, and it was lite. He had even dimmed the lights too. “It's hard to explain to someone that’s been sheltered from my world, but I’m going to try. The imprint is like a soulmate.” He kept explaining our situation, before having me lay against him, as he lay on the couch. I rested my hands rested on shoulders, as he petted my head. He seems to be admiring every small detail that made me. “Imprints though are more intense. It makes every cell in our entire being wanting to be with the other. The world will feel colder when we are apart, but when we’re together it’s warm again. We will make the world better for each other. Seems though I will have to do more than you.” I sat up a bit and stared at him confused. “I’m a Gumiho, but you know it as a night tail fox. We carry orbs in our core that bless us with talents and gifts. There is one we give to our imprints, and it can be returned if the other doesn’t want to exchange.” Simon sat up with me to look me in my eyes. “I gave it to you when I kissed you before sending you off. It was then I noticed you were raised human and block from learning our world. Which I understand, this realm is harsher than the mortal realm.” He looked away at the last thing he said but return to me with full confidence. “What I’m trying to say, Y/N. You are a Gumiho. I noticed it when I gave my mate orb to you. You might have felt mine, but you didn’t seem to notice you sent yours to me.” He held me in his embrace and rubbed my back. “I doubt you believe me, but I am glad you unconsciously accepted me as your mate.” He wasn’t wrong it was a bit hard to believe him but being in his arms felt so good. “For tonight, please just stay with me, then I’ll bring you back to where you are staying.” I just answer him, by pull away to kiss his soft and warm lips. “Even though I’m processing everything, being with you feels way too good to deny we are soulmates.” Simon just grins, before laying back down with me. He cuddles up to me and covers my face with kisses. I made me happy to know just my existence alone could make him happy. 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[아.모.르] 한국 힙합의 뿌리깊은 나무, 개척자, 선구자
안녕하세요! 빙글에서 공식 인증해 주신 스토리텔러(헤헿) optimic입니다!!! 감사하게도 그렇게 말씀해주셨으니, 앞으로는 저를 소개할 때 '스토리텔러' 라고 해도 될까요...? 나 너무 이 단어가 맘에 드는데...헿... 정말정말 기분 좋은 소식이었어요. 너무너무 감사드려요! 이 영광을 #나나연에 돌리겠습니다! 사실 이번 주는 글을 좀 쉬려고 했었습니당.. 왜냐면 제가 출장 때문에 어제 신안군 흑산도를 들어갔다 왔기 때문이죠... 경치는 정말 좋았는데... 멀미가... 쾌속선이 그렇게 흔들리는 줄 처음 알았어요... 처음 타봤거든요... 음... 무슨 느낌이었냐면... 디스코팡팡을 타는데... 입장료가 목숨이고... 미친듯이 돌아가는데... 남은 시간은 한 시간... 정말 다시는 경험하고 싶지 않은 기억이었습니당... 그래서 그 후유증이 아직도 남아서 이번 주까지는 좀 쉴까 하다가! 그래도 힘내서 하나라도 올리려고 왔습니당! 서론이 너무 길었네요! 바로 시작하겠습니다! (아! 제가 축구 글과 이 글과 공포 글을 쓰면서, 셋 다 다른 말투를 쓰니까 너무 헷갈리더라구요... 그래서 [아.모.르]도 친구한테 말하듯이 편하게 가겠습니다!) -------------------------------------------------- 가리온이 부산에 떴다 하면 짝퉁 백포스 꺼내 신고선 어디든 달려갔고 사이먼 도미닉 - 사이먼 도미닉 가리온이 깔아놓은 홍대 신촌 리듬위로 개코 let's go get em 개코 - 될 대로 되라고 해 가리온 형들의 마르지 않는 펜을 쥘 자격이 있는 자들에게만 꿈을 꾸게 해 허클베리 피 - Rap Badr Hari 메타 형의 빠돌이 내 나이에 드렁큰 타이거 - 힙합 간지남 메타 형의 은혜지. 좁은 내 방의 이름 Quiett Heaven 더 콰이엇 - 우리들만 아는 얘기 가리온 형들이 말했던 약속의 장소는 과연 어디였을까 팔로알토 - escape 우리는 새로운 가리온 대한힙합의 호카게요 수퍼비, 트웰브 - 야 인마 (Feat. Jvcki Wai) 지금까지도 수많은 래퍼들의 언급과 샤라웃과 존경을 받는 그 이름. 한국 언더그라운드 힙합의 시작점이자 뿌리. 홍대에서 신촌까지 깔아놓은 힙합 리듬. 오늘의 [아.모.르]의 주인공. 마르지 않는 펜. 가리온의 MC메타(Meta) 아마 힙합을 좀 오래 들었거나, 힙합을 좋아하는 사람이라면 들어봤을 이름일 거야. 아니, 힙합에 대해서 관심을 갖고 있는 사람이라면 누구나 리스펙트를 외치는 사람이지. MC메타는 정말 오랫동안 활동한 뮤지션이야. 현재 한국 힙합의 대부라고 불리는 더 콰이엇이 '아버지'라고 부르는 사람이면서, 이제는 한국 힙합의 거장으로 다들 자리를 잡은 '다모임' 의 멤버들이 어릴 적부터 존경하던 뮤지션이야. 가리온의 음악을 듣고 공연을 보면서 꿈을 키웠다고 해. 그 외에도 수많은 래퍼들과 뮤지션들이 존경을 표하는 사람이야. 한국힙합의 역사인 타이거JK가 본인을 스스로 '가리온 빠돌이' 라고 말할 정도니, 어느 정도의 영향력을 가진 사람인지 느낌이 오지? MC메타라는 이름의 뜻은 은유를 뜻하는 'Metaphor' 의 약자로, "개인적인 은유를 음악을 통해 담아내겠다"라는 뜻이라고 해. MC메타는 1971년생. 올해 50살이야. 지금은 은퇴하고 다른 일을 하고 있냐고? NO. 현재까지도 힙합 분야에서 열심히 활동하고 있지! 불과 며칠 전만해도 딩고 프리스타일 '킬링 벌스'에 출연해 본인의 킬링 벌스들을 15분가량 막힘없이 소화해냈지! 50세의 나이에 정말 대단한 자기관리인 거 같아..! 메타는 고등학생 때 기타를 배우기 시작한 게 음악의 첫 걸음이라고 해. 록 음악과 헤비메탈을 들으며 포크송 위주의 가요도 즐겨 들었대. 그러다 처음으로 방송에서 힙합을 접하고, 큰 충격을 받고 힙합에 빠져들었다고 해. 그러던 1997년. 당시 언더힙합의 성지인 마스터플랜에서 '나찰' 이라는 래퍼를 만나 함께 팀을 결성했고, 그게 바로 한국 힙합의 '마지노선'이자 '최전선' 이라 불리는 '가리온' 이라는 그룹의 시작이었어. (마스터플랜은 한국 힙합이 자리를 잡기 힘들었던 시절 힙합 뮤지션들이 와서 공연하던 힙합의 성지였어. 가리온, 주석, 허니패밀리 등이 공연을 했고 다이나믹 듀오, 에픽하이의 미쓰라진 등이 이 클럽을 통해 데뷔했어.) 가리온이라는 뜻은 "몸 전체의 털이 흰색이고, 갈기만 흑색인 말" 이라는 순 우리말인데, 순수 한글로만 구성된 가사를 사용해 한국적인 힙합을 다져가겠다는 뜻이야. 이에 걸맞게 MC메타는 한글로만 구성된 가사를 많이 썼는데, 가사를 들여다보면 시를 읽는 듯한 느낌이 들 때도 많아. 언더그라운드에서는 1998년 2월에 정식 데뷔를 했지만, 가리온의 이름을 단 정규 1집이 나온 것은 2004년이었어. 여러 가지 일들이 있었고, 그 사이 메타는 주석과 아웃라임즈라는 팀을 잠시 결성하기도 하고, 여러 아티스트들의 노래에 피쳐링으로 참여하기도 하면서 시간을 보냈고, 긴 시간이 지나 30대 초반을 지나갈 무렵에서야 1집을 세상에 내놓을 수 있었어. (가리온 1집 - GARION) 지금까지도 한국 힙합의 성서로 불리는 명반이야. 1집의 대표곡 옛 이야기야. 지금 들으면 조금 지루하고 올드한 느낌이 있지만, 이 형님들은 90년대부터 이렇게 랩을 했어. 이 당시엔 엄청난 센세이션이었어. 한국어 라임과 플로우를 성립했다고 해도 과언이 아니야. (가리온은 원래 3인조였어. DJ를 맡던 JU가 1집 이후 음악적 견해 차이로 탈퇴했지.) 이 앨범은 지금까지도 힙합 앨범들 중 마스터링이 가장 완벽하게 된 앨범으로 손꼽히고 있고, 2000년대 베스트 앨범 100 중 8위를 차지하고 있으며, 한국 대중음악 100대 명반 중 36위로 선정되어 있어. 또한 한국 인디 20년 특집 "우리가 기억해야 할 100장의 음반" 27위로도 선정되었지. 앨범의 마스터링은 미국 뉴욕에서 했고, 1집이 발매되자마자 유럽에서 수입해갔어. 지금이야 k-pop 열풍과 함께 힙합 뮤지션들이 월드투어도 다니는 세상이지만, 이 때 당시에는 한국 힙합 뮤지션으로는 처음 있는 일이었어! 그리고 프랑스와 독일 합작의 문화 예술 전문 채널인 아르테(arte)에서 가리온의 다큐멘터리 제작을 제안하기도 했어. 국내에서는 금지곡으로 판정되어 라디오에서 한번도 들어볼 수 없었던 "옛 이야기"는 특유의 독창성과 뛰어난 음악성으로 미국, 독일, 프랑스, 호주, 뉴질랜드 등에서 더 많이 방송되었어. 가리온이라는 그룹의 힘과 음악성을 세계가 주목했었다고 해도 과언이 아니었지. MC메타가 많은 리스펙트를 받는 이유 중 하나가 바로 후배 뮤지션들을 양성한 것인데, 2002년 메타는 청소년들을 대상으로 "힙합방"이라는 힙합 강좌를 열기도 했는데, 이 때 강좌를 들은 수강생들이 모여 만든 레이블이 전 편에서도 언급한 소울 컴퍼니야. (소울 컴퍼니의 공식 로고 '샘') 초창기 멤버에 더 콰이엇이 있었으니, 그가 왜 MC메타를 '아버지' 라고 부르며 따르는지 알 수 있겠지? 더 콰이엇 뿐만이 아닌 소울컴퍼니 출신 아티스트들인 매드 클라운, 랍티미스트, 키비, 화나, DJ웨건 등을 포함한 멤버 전원이 MC메타를 정신적 지주로 여긴다고 해. 메타는 소울컴퍼니의 활동에도 많이 관심을 가지며 직접 소울컴퍼니 아티스트들의 노래에 피쳐링을 해 주기도 했어. MC메타가 피쳐링 한 노래는 정말 셀 수도 없이 많아. 100곡은 한참 전에 훌쩍 넘었다고 해. 가리온의 앨범은 엄청나게 긴 주기를 갖고 발매되는 것으로 유명한데, 1집이 팀 결성 후 7년만에 나왔으니 시작부터 그 명성을 쌓아갔던 거였지. 메타는 1집을 내고 나서 공백기동안 생활고에 시달리다 세브란스병원에서 주차 관리인 일을 하며 생활을 했어. 그렇게 꿈을 놓지 않고 가난과 싸워가며 마침내 2010년, 가리온 2집 'GARION 2' 를 발매했어. (1집 7년 2집 6년...) 오래 기다린 만큼 팬들의 반응은 폭발적이었고, 가리온은 그 기대를 완벽하게 충족시켰지. (2집의 대표곡 영순위야. 이 노래는 지금까지도 엄청난 완성도와 라임 배열, 10년이 지난 지금도 가리온을 대표하는 확고한 색깔, 라임을 쪼개서 갖고 노는 트랜디함이 뒤섞인 명곡이야.) 2011년 제 8회 한국대중음악상에서 최우수 힙합 음반과 "영순위"로 최우수 힙합 노래를 수상하면서 힙합 부문을 싹쓸이하더니, 이 시상식의 대상 격인 올해의 음반 역시 석권하면서 단일 음반으로 3관왕을 달성했어. 한국 힙합 음반이 올해의 음반상을 받은 건 처음이었지. 이후 2011년 최초로 사투리를 이용한 랩을 선보인 "무까끼하이"라는 곡을 발표해. "무까끼하이"라는 말의 뜻은 경상도 대구 사투리이며 고지식하고 무뚝뚝하고 무식해보이는 사람 및 상황을 표현하는 말이라고 해. 이 노래에서 메타는 경상도 사투리를 사용해서 랩을 했는데, 이 때를 기점으로 한국 힙합에서 '사투리'를 사용한 랩을 조금씩 받아들이기 시작했어. 그리고 이 노래는 2012년 제9회 한국대중음악상에서 최우수 랩&힙합 노래를 수상했지. 이후 2012년엔 한국 힙합에서 짬 좀 먹은, 실력이 증명된 아티스트들이 MC메타를 중심으로 모여 크루를 결성해. 그 크루의 이름은 불한당(不汗黨). 가리온, Sean2slow, 넋업샨, 피타입(p-type), DJ SKIP 등이 모여 만든 크루로, 한국적인 힙합을 하고자 만들었다고 해. 대표곡인 '불한당가'야. 판소리 박자에 판소리가 뒤를 받쳐주는 형태인 전통적인 우리 소리를 비트로 깔고 랩을 한 노래야. 중간중간 나오는 판소리 구절은 '상일층 용사의 각인' 이며, 적벽가의 한 구절이야. 이 노래는 한글라임의 왕이라고 불리는(쇼미더머니에 나와 이미지가 조금 깎였지만...) 피타입의 가사가 정말 인상적이고, 전체적으로 굉장히 실험적인 곡이야. 그리고 이 노래는 2014년 제11회 한국대중음악상에서 최우수 랩&힙합 노래를 수상했어. 이로써MC메타는 한국대중음악상에서 가장 많이 수상한 힙합 뮤지션이 되었지.(거의 힙합계의 유재석) 지금은 대학교에서 교수님으로 학생들을 가르치기도 하고, 후배들을 위해 무대를 마련하기도 하고, 누구나 마이크를 잡고 랩을 할 수 있게 프리스타일 판을 열기도 해. 여전히 음악도 하고 있고. 가리온 2집이 나온 지 10년이 됐는데, 혹시 올해는 3집이 나오지 않을까 기대중이긴 해. 혹시 모르지. 어마어마한 완벽주의자인 MC메타가 어마어마한 명반을 들고 와 우리에게 충격을 선사할 지. 항상 그랬으니까. 오늘의 아.모.르는 여기까지야. 누군가는 보면서 '무슨 옛날사람 이야기를 그렇게 해.' 라고 생각할 수도 있고, '구닥다리 느낌이고 내가 봤을 땐 랩 못하는데?' 라고 생각할 수도 있어. 그치만 이 사람이 없었더라면 지금의 '다모임' 멤버들, 더 나아가 일리네어, 엠비션뮤직, 저스트뮤직, AOMG 같은 거대한 힙합 레이블들과 우리가 듣고 있는 수많은 힙합 아티스트들은 없었을 수도 있고, 아직까지 힙합이라는 장르가 마이너한 소수 매니아가 듣는 장르로 남아있었을 수도 있어. 나는 그렇게 생각해. 이 사람은 오래 신어서 낡고 싫증나버린 헌 운동화가 아닌, 전 세계적으로 극소량만 생산해 누구나 갖고 싶은 한정판 운동화라고. '구식'이 아니라 '클래식' 이고, '퇴물'이 아니라 '근본' 이라고. 지금까지도 왕성한 활동과 함께 후배들의 발전에 힘쓰는 진정한 한국힙합의 선구자. 한국 힙합의 아버지. 뿌리깊은 나무. MC메타였어! 마지막으로 내가 좋아하는 MC메타의 곡 몇 가지 추천하면서 마무리할게! 다음 시간에는 또 다른 사람으로 돌아오겠어! 읽어줘서 고마워! 진흙 속에서 피는 꽃 (Feat. Mc Meta, Kebee) - The Quiett 우리가 태어났던 그 그 곳의 낯선거리에서 진흙 속에서 피는 꽃을 봤어. 그 꽃의 의미는 곧 우리의 심장 모두의 기억 속에 서서히 잊혀갔지만 모든 것을 얻었다 또 모든걸 잃고 진흙 속에 피는 꽃은 피고 또 지고 작은 군중들 속에서 우린 외쳤네. 다시 거친 그 말투를 Mic에 전해. 더 콰이엇의 명곡으로 평가받는 곡이야. 언더그라운드 뮤지션들의 고통과 뚝심을 담은 곡이야. 개인적으로는 돈과 여자 권력 이런 걸 이야기하는 지금보다 이 때가 더 낭만적이었고 멋있었다고 생각해. Primary Skool - 지붕 위의 바이올린 (feat. 가리온) 눈 한번 깜박거리면 모든것이 끝나  더없이 짧은 인생 무엇을 남겼을까  불 타던 내 젊음도 짧디짧은 순간  밤 새 울던 바이올린 이 순간도 불타 우리가 아는 그 프라이머리. 프라이머리의 곡에 가리온이 피쳐링한 노래야. 곡 전반에 흐르는 바이올린 전주와 가리온의 랩이 절묘하게 어우러지면서 뭔지 모를 감성적인 끌어올림을 부르는 곡이야. 상당히 심오하고 시적인 가사와 절묘한 프라이머리의 프로듀싱이 이 곡을 만들어냈어. 가리온 - 생명수 '난 생명수를 얻었어!' 함께 다니던 길목은 추억의 꽃으로 덮였어 '니가 웃으면 세상이 함께 웃었지' 이 판이 커질수록 균형은 무너졌지만 '스스로를 지킬 수 있어' 한땐 맘보다 규칙을 더 믿었지만 이길 수 있어 '사실 난 게임을 하는 게 아니야' 너와 내가 사랑에 빠진 바로 그 때부터! 가리온의 사랑노래. 한국 힙합의 정수라는 느낌과 한글로만 구성된 가사, 타이트한 랩핑. 뭐니뭐니해도 이 곡의 가장 큰 장점은 정말 잘 쓴 시를 읽는 거 같은 가사야. 나온지 10년이 됐지만 개인적으로는 아직도 촌스럽지 않고 클래식한 명곡이라고 생각해. 뮤지션의 곡을 추천할 땐 항상 세 곡만 한다는 나의 철칙이 있어서 이렇게 세 곡만 추천할게. 이 외에도 정말 여러 명곡이 있으니까 꼭! 들어보길 바라! 제발! (여담으로 일리네어의 '연결고리' 라는 명곡의 훅도 MC메타가 한 거야. '연결고리' 라는 말을 애초에 MC메타가 자주 썼다고 해)
Christmas Announcement 🎄
December 13th marks the beginning of my favorite time of year. A time for romance..... Passion and Christmas/ themed stories The Countdown to Smutmas Begins! Smutmas countdown Starts Dec.13th and will end the 25th! Everyone is welcome to join in All fanfiction is welcome as long as the main focus is smut! This is when the freaks come out people! Make sure to include the community that the fanfiction involves ( for ex. Kpop, Jay park, etc.) Make sure the +18 tag is added onto the title Remember to have fun. I want to make it known that this is not a contest so there won't be winners but it's a great opportunity to show off your writing skills. Even if you don't participate I hope you'll read, comment and clip participating writers stories and give them lots of encouragement! We're all about positivity and polite constructive criticism. Meanies are Wiennies! So.... are you ready ? Then get to writing that freaky shit we like! and remember! Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre @Yugykookie97 @dalenalw @Mochiroon KISS Squad @BabydollBre, @QueenyCrossGene, and @BTSMicDrop Lip glosses @EXOahjummafan @Starbell808 @QueenPandaBunny @divanicola05 @MelindaL @MelissaGarza @yugykookie97 Shall we date Kpop? @royalpandajedi @ElishaFisher @WinKonVIP @lexxcisco @BtsXExo @Starbell808 @KoizuniHime19 @Msloyalheart @kpopanime45 @Kandle779 @MaritessSison @Elizabeth1234