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In a world with limited water, those who have access to it hold the power. Gaia, a young midwive, lives just outside The Enclave, and doesn't question her duty to turn over the first three babies she delivers each month to The Enclave. But when her parents are arrested and she enters The Enclave to find them, she begins to question everything she was raised to believe. In the second book, Prized, Gaia finds another community to live in, but soon finds it's as dystopian as The Enclave. Women rule in Sylum, even though they are a small minority of the population. Thoughts of escape are futile, because a few days outside of Sylum are fatal. Promised, the third book in the series brings Gaia back to The Enclave. Now the leader of Sylum (where she attempted to give voting rights to men,) Gaia attempts to persuade the corrupt leaders of The Enclave to share their natural resources. What she decides to give in return made disturb some readers, but it will certainly make for passionate discussions. Recommended for grades 7 and up, these would be great supplemental reading for science classes, as the topics of climate change, limited natural resources, and genetics are all critical to the plot of this series. Much like The Hunger Games, the issues of government and power are major themes, and could be used in social studies classes as well.