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10 Low-Calorie Food for Night

Have you ever wondered what kind of low calorie food for night time use is available on the market? If so, then here a few ideas. Did you know that you can use low fat ice creams in place of full-fat ones? These have zero calories, but are still good for you! They'll keep you warm while you sleep, and they're great for parties and short trips. Try one, two, or three of these ideas and you'll be thrilled with the results.
You might not realize it, but potato chips are low calorie food for night time use. That's right--if you haven't guessed, you can replace your snack chips with them. Even better news is that you can have these chips in flavors like ranch, barbecue, or chicken fried steak! Plus, you don't have to give up the taste. In fact, if you crave potato chips but don't want to feel guilty about it, this is one snack that you can indulge in.
You can use low calorie foods to help you lose weight as well. The reason being is that these foods tend to be satisfying, unlike higher fat and higher carbohydrate options. If you're a fan of pasta, there are low-carb alternatives, such as spiral noodles. In fact, you can make some delicious low carb pasta by using zucchini, broccoli, and garlic to form a stock instead of stock pasta.
While vegetables and fruits can also be used in low calorie food for nightss time use, don't forget about fruit. You should be able to find fruit in any grocery store, including the fruit section, which means you should really be able to buy fruit for a low calorie food for the night. Sometimes frozen fruit is a good choice, since it will be low calorie and still taste fresh. Of course, if you prefer to eat fruit when it's ripe, you can just rip off the skin and dip it into low calorie dips, such as salsa dip.
If you're looking for low calorie food for the night, you've got many options, too. Nuts are high in protein and has a low Glycemic Index (G.I) rating. You can try grilling with almond butter, or even trying to make cookies with peanut butter and cinnamon. Both can be made low calorie and still taste delicious. Plus, nuts provide plenty of protein and are good for you.
As for grains, they come in a wide range of choices as well. If you'd rather skip bread, try brown rice or oats. For dessert, you can always reach for a fruit, although if you're on a diet you should keep in mind that a lot of fruits are also very low calorie food for the night. One way to minimize sugar is to not load up on desserts, including those loaded with sugar, such as ice cream, cake, candy bars, etc. Instead, focus on low calorie snacks like vegetables, nuts, seeds, cheese, and yogurt.
While it's true that most low-calorie foods for night might not be something you would actually want to snack on, you should still be aware that you should be getting enough sustenance through them to make it through the night. So if you're planning to snack on something at mealtime, look for low calorie snacks such as pretzels, crackers with low fat cheese, and even raw veggies. Other good snack foods include applesauce and peanut butter sandwich on whole-wheat bread with low-fat sour cream, hummus, and tahini. You can also toss salad in vinaigrette dressing for a low calorie, low fat, and tasty meal. And you can always toss salads in olive oil and vinegar for a healthy treat.
If you want to stretch your low calorie intake even further, you can still eat well for the night. Try low fat mayonnaise for sandwiches or wraps, and low calorie spreads for salads or wraps. Pair low fat fettuccini or chicken Alfredo with low calorie chips or crackers for an extra boost of protein. Low-calorie snacks can really go a long way when you're trying to lose weight!