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[ tā jīngjì ] = Her economy With the rise of women's economic power and social status comes the idea that there will be demand for a whole new economic sector serving the needs of our financially empowered women. Example: “她经济时代的女性忙着工作、忙着赚钱,没有大把的时间来照顾家庭 “ =“Women of the ‘Her Economy’ generation are busy working and making money, and don’t have lots of time to take care of their household”
I didn't realise that was actually a thing...hasn't there always been an economic sector directed at women - beauty, fashion and the like? (I know they're for both men and women but they're predominantly directed at women).
I didn't realise this was actually a thing - surely like @zhengshi said, a woman's economy has always been a thing?
@zhengshi I think the focus is that, in China at least, women are now earning a lot more so they have a much higher disposable income than their mothers and grandmothers. As a result, they're now the main target of advertising rather than men buying on their behalf?