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클론곡 한곡더 매쉬업 해봤습니다. 브루노마스 곡이랑

[Noke Mash-Up] CLON x Bruno Mars - Funky Tonight x Finesse

만드는데 펑키 투나잇 가사가 자꾸 사랑의 뽑기 춤 ~~ 으로 들리네요
오징어 게임 여파인가 ㅋㅋ

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Twitter's Biggest Celebrity WAR
"Gun in my purse, b*tch I came dressed to kill...." On July 21st, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to release her frustrations with the MTV VMAs nominations. Minaj is largely upset that her music video "Anaconda" was not nominated for Best Choreography and Best Video of the Year when it definitely should have been. Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" hit 19.6 million views in the first 24 hours breaking all previous VEVO records. The next to break Minaj's VEVO records was Taylor Swift which is why when Minaj refers to "girls" in her tweets, it's why many think is ultimately a poke at Swift. The "Anaconda" video caused a media storm filled with men sexualizing Minaj, women critiquing, thousands of memes, celebrity mockery, and Minaj risking her self image. Everyone who was anyone talked about that video and was OBSESSED. However, MTV Video Music Awards still didn't nominate her video. Ridiculous. This isn't the first time a video that deserved a nomination was snubbed. Katy Perry's "Roar" was not nominated last year when the view count for her video broke multiple records. She took to Twitter last year prior to the awards upset over the nominations. It has now opened the gates for all artists to feel comfortable to use their voice to call out the award show when they know they deserved a nomination. Minaj called out the award show saying that she has done everything the other nominees have done in her series of tweets but because she is black, she's been discriminated against and everyone knows it : It all started out with Minaj pointing out the flaws in how nominees are selected... Then Taylor Swift swooped in and reprimanded Minaj's tweets in the stance of faux-feminism. Minaj responded proving that Swift was in the wrong. Swift tried to make it about herself completely missing Minaj's point. And yet in all of the chaos, Kim Kardashian still managed to get involved... Ryan Seacrest jumped in siding with Swift which led to a swarm of attacks at Seacrest. He eventually deleted his tweet that victimized Swift and made Minaj look like she was attacking and weak. Yikes. And then Meek Mill thought it'd also be appropriate to throw shade at Drake. Horrible timing. Of course Bruno Mars tried to lighten the situation by launching a fake Twitter fight against Ed Sheeran. Aaron Paul invited the girls to pancakes. Indirectly, they were all mocking the girls and their behavior. They got to sit back and watch the show unfold... Katy Perry favorited Bruno Mar's tweet amidst the criticism of Taylor Swift. SHOCKER. "Black women influence pop culture so much but are rarely rewarded for it." Fans are NOT HAPPY with the nominations or Taylor Swift. In the past, Best Music Video of the Year is the top award for genre-defining videos. It's been given to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", Katy Perry's "Firework", Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", and Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U" in the past. Minaj is simply pointing out that nominations should be given and awarded to artists who are getting it based off of achievement. That's what an award show is for. Do you think Minaj is in the right? I think so.
Mash Ups: KPop edition.
Yo, WHATS UP PARTY PEOPLE! So young, carefree Sara decided to go on FaceBook for a little while and well.... she saw something. And well that something gave her an idea. Yes, in the name of the card, it does actually say MASH UPS: KPOP EDITION. And I take it most of you all know what I'm talking about, right? No? k, let me explain. Mash Ups -or well, at least to me- are when you get something and you kinda combine it to create some thing new. It can be two different artist dancing to the same song, an Artist dancing to another artists song, or something like that. Think of it like Mashed Potatoes. You smash them, along with butter, salt and I don't even know what other thing -I suck at cooking, honestly- and ta-da! Boom! Something new. OK, so first of all, remember when I said something, something, something? Right on the first block of this card? no? sheez. Alright, we'll I saw something and it gave me this idea. This right here, is the something I saw. Which is: JB FROM GOT7 AND V FROM BTS DANCING TO BRUNO MARS UPTOWN FUNK! I was freaking out. Mostly cause JB -if you don't know him, check out who he is HERE- looked so frikin hot while doing it. Alright, so now, that you have seen the something I was talking about, check this out. Its just a MAMA Awards of GOT7 and BTS, you kNOW, NOTHING BIG? Yeah, its the grand opening no one actually expected this. But hoLY LLAMAS, HAVE YOU SEEN JUNGKOOK? Now, do any of you all know who Zion T is? Wanna see? He's a kStar. You can join his community HERE. He's super cute, by the way. Any way, BTSs Precious Baby Jungkookie once did a cover if this mans song Yanghwa Bridge. JungKook sang it so beautiful, Zion T decided to do a mash up with him. The result? I died 17 times while watching this. NOW ITS COVER TIME PEOPLE! Alright, so here's Waveyas cover if BTS I Need U. Anyway, just watch it. . . . . . . is you jealous yet? . . . . OK BUT HOW WHERE WHAT WHY I CANT. Now, I don't even know who did this, but look. I'll try to explain it to you in the simplest way possible. BTS Danger Choreo, match's exactly to Justin Biebers Sorry song. You know that annoying stupid -no offence to anyone out there- IS IT TOO LATE TO SAY IM SORRY? CAUSE IM MISSING MORE THAN JUST OUR BODY! Yeah, that kinda pervy, kinda not pervy song? Uh-hu. It goes with Danger. Creepy, right? OK, OK. I'm cool. Now, this one basically went viral in the internet after like -what?- 2 hours? Yeah, more or less. Ladies and Gents. I present to you: PSY DANCING TO EXIDS UP AND DOWN im more concerned why the other nipple didn't go of... Now this one is literally my favorite one. Have you guys seen the video of: MARRY ME, REBECCA? My sister loves it. We go nutz every time we watch it or do it. No? OK. I put up there the first original version, yes its a cartoon manga. And the other version. I like to call it: BTS Maknae Line: A Summary. Alright, now. This girl group MINX dances to IKONS Rhythm Ta. If that isn't Suga Splenda Swag then I don't know what is. Aye, so I don't know if you guys know who JuNCurryAhn is, but he does violin covers. One of the only dance covers he has done, is BTS -I know I know I know. I'm a little obsessed with them. Leave me alone- Dope. Its really good. Sad thing is its pretty short :c Last buT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST IS BTS AND THE ARK. UGH JUST WATCH IT. Hahah, not so fast. Thought you would get rid of me? Don't worry. I found another video. Now, let me ask ya something. Do you remember Kim Possible? No? Doesn't ring a bell? Watch this and well see if thats actually possible. Just beware, 7 hot guys will kill you in the process. 7 ho-BTS AND KIM. POSSIBLE MASH UP. THIS GIVES ME LIFE, YO. Yaaa. I can't even. Did you like them? I keep seeing these and I thought I should share XD Anyway, thank you for reading this. My inbox is open in case anyone needs it. I love you all! Have a good one KPoppers! Byee!
퀸은 영화 배우 뺨치게 잘생긴 드러머를 제외하고는 볼 만한 게 없다
퀸이 초기 시절 어느 평론가에게 들은 말  '영화 배우 뺨치게 잘생긴 드러머를 제외하고는 볼 만한 게 없다' 에서 영화 배우 뺨치게 잘생긴 드러머는 로저 테일러! 만화 캐릭터도 이렇게 만들면 사기라고 할 것 같은데... 얼굴만 존잘이 아니라 본업까지 핵존잘 작곡 드럼 기타 베이스 보컬 다 가능한 레알 먼치킨 Radio Ga Ga(레디오 가가)를 만든게 로저♡ 거기에다 치대생 출신이고, 나중에 적성에 안맞아서 식물학으로 전과 아름다운 외모를 가졌지만, 성격은 존나쎄 그 자체인 로저 공연 전에 염색을 잘못 해서 머리가 녹색이 됐는데 프레디가 이걸로 내내 놀려먹어서 드럼 집어던짐ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 퀸 음악 악평한 롤링스톤지에 친필 쌍욕 편지도 보냄ㄷㄷㄷ 비행기 구토용 봉투에 편지를 써서 보내는 성질머리;; 기자가 콘서트 제대로 안보고 공연 전 음향체크만 듣고 후기 써서 씅질이 남! 씨익씨익;;; 180.3cm / 60.3kg의 슬랜더 프레디가 라이브때 키 낮춰서 노래해도 본인은 드럼치며 꿋꿋이 원키 고음 지른게 로저 예전에 고향에서 밴드를 했었는데 보컬이 나가고 보컬, 드럼을 동시에 맡은 경험이 있음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 보컬도 제일 안정적인건 로저였다고 함 고음이 젤 높이 올라가는것도 로저! 로저 테일러에게 겸손함이란?| 전혀 없음ㅇㅇ (난 좀 짱이니까) 로저는 참지않긔. 우리 로저는 안 참고 찢어요 사기캐는 나이들어서도 존잘 관심좀 주세요.. 귀찮으실까봐 댓글 달아달라고 못하는데 클립과 하트 정말 좋아해요...♥
Summer Playlist Challenge
Okay, I know it took me forever to finally do this but here it is, my Summer Playlist. Thanks to @MattK95 for tagging me and prompting me to do this (cuz everone knows I loves me an awesome playlist), @PassTheSuga 언니 for suggesting this playlist, and @aabxo 선배 for supporting this challenge. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anywho, my playlist for summer is all about fun loving and just enjoying yourself. There is quite a bit of partying going on too. But I got some cool mellow chill songs to flow with. So 친구 들, 얘들아 please enjoy! f(x) Hot Summer ^^V So of course I needed to post a very summery song and I know this isn't a new song but it is fun summer song. f(x) NU ABO So this song is here because it is funky and punk and fun all over! \@@/ YAY! Sistar Shake It ....>^^< come on what else do you expect me to do all summer Sistar Touch My Body Sistar Loving U Mikey Loving You So I have both versions of loving you because......why not? lol I really love this song and I love the R&B version even more. Big Bang Bang Bang Bang Who doesn't need a lively hype song for summer. I literally start dancing once this song starts playing and it doesn't matter if I'm out in the streets, at home, or anywhere at all. Everywhere is a time to party with Bang Bang Bang!!!!! BAM! Big Bang We Like 2 Party Honestly what is summer without parties Big Bang Sober 맨정신 And during the making of this mv no one was sober......lol ironically they weren't sober in We Like 2 Party \/>.<\/ *headacheoverload* \/>.<\/ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Candy Candy Although I eat candy all year round this song has such a cool summer feel for me that it totally belongs. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu PONPONPON lol fun fun !!!! Jeffrey Kung 孔令奇 Kick It Old School Who doesn't need a healthy dose of funky swing hip old school jazz type music to make them the coolest cat around this summer? Bruno Mars Lazy Song And speaking of cool cats, what about all those lazy days you get to splurge yourself on??? huuh? any takers? none.....>--< LMFAO Party Rock Anthem lol.....I mean lmfao....Get it ? No...I know it was a bad joke but still how could you live summer without the hype party anthem NS Yoon-G Honey Summer Uhm yeah I'm still not sure how to explain this but I like it and it screamed summer love to so yeah. > I need some summer love< \/^^\/ Crush (feat ZICO) Oasis Well, well, well, while I'm waiting for Crush's 'You and I', I will indulge myself with this summer love song that I seem to need. #lonelysummer #singlesummer #summerfun Eluphant (feat Soyu) SimSim If you guys don't know Eluphant, don't worry I will write a need to know bio on him since he is totally my lowkey bae. But this song is truly a summer love song that is so sweet and sincere and I think a lot will be able to relate to this song. 2PM 미친거 아니야 (Go Crazy) I have both versions so you can enjoy Taecyeon oppa's surprise and confusion at the goat and all the other random things that happen in the party version. Girl's Day Darling Here is another sweet summer fun song that I enjoy. Girl's Day Hello Bubble This just has a bubbly fun loving energy that fits for cool chill summer days. Just hanging out with your girl friends (or guy friends) and having fun.
응답하라2009 당장 나와도 되는 이유
2009년 멜론 차트 모르는 노래가 하나도 없네요 드라마 아내의 유혹 본다고 모두 칼퇴하고 집간다고 뉴스도 나고 그랬었던... 구준표는 지금도 이름을 잊어버릴 수가 없다! 이 외에도 찬라한 유산, 가문의 영광 등등 이슈가 되었던 드라마들이 많았져 당시 하나쯤은 갖고 있던 잡지들.. 저도 샀던 기억이. 브로마이드도 주고 그랬었는데... 핸드폰 연아의 오오 파라다이스.. F4가 모두 썼다는 햅틱 소녀시대가 광고했던 초콜릿 폰.. 갖고싶었는데. 이 밖에도 듀통폰, 크리스탈폰, 쿠키폰, 노리F, 블링블링폰 등등 예쁜 폰들이 많이 나왔다는 IT 윈도우XP... 게임들도 잘돌아가고 진짜 좋았는데 지금도 다시 되돌아가고싶은 개인 SNS의 시작, 싸이월드 네이트온.. 이때는 안했던것 같은데. 버디버디... 아이디 진짜 많았는데!ㅎㅎ NEWS 신종플루.. 광우병은 따지면 2008년이라고 합니다. 시위탄압 장난 아니었다고 하네요. 갖고 있으면 친구들이 부러워 했던 것 닌텐도DS mp3... 에 노래 넣고 인소 넣고 다녔었지 미키마우스 모양 한때 완전 이슈였던 ㅎㅎㅎ 가격도 저렴했던걸로 한효주 디카. 비슷하게 생긴거 있었는데 셀카찍구 컴터로 옮겨서 포샵으로 보정하고 싸이월드ㄱㄱ pmp... 4~5인치 사이즈. 동영상 재생 기능ㅇㅇ 그 약속의 장소는 캔모아. 토스트 리필 받아서 친구들이랑 그네의자에 앉아 생크림 찍어먹고 그랬는데.
하루 한 곡 추석스페셜 : 대중음악계 근20년 연대기 1탄 <1995년에서 1999년까지>
제가 최고로 좋아하는 명절음식 잡채로 에피타이저를 주 반찬으론 고깃국과 생선전으로 연휴를 씹어먹은 코린입니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한 5킬로는 찐 것 같네요. 이 아랫배로는 둥기당두구두구 드럼이나 쳐야겠어염... 여러분의 연휴는 어떠셨나요? 오랜만에 실로 오랜만에 TV앞에 앉아 채널을 돌리다보니 온갖군데에서 아이돌 특집을 하던데 모르는 친구들 투성이 수두루빽빽 전 정말 모르겠던데 어떠셨나요? 왠지 모른다고 하니까 나이가 먹었음을 인정하는 기분, 패배자의 기분에서 벗어날 수가 없던 코린은 코무룩.. 하다가 이왕 뒤쳐진 거 좀 더 뒤로가볼까 싶은 심산으로 결심하였습니당 뒤로 가기로요 ㅋㅋ 무려 20년을 뒤로 가보렵니다. 1995년부터 2015년까지 해마다 쏟아지던 대중음반들이 있었고 우리 모두 그 음반들 속에서 자랐으니 한 번 다같이 듣고 즐겨볼까요? 각 해마다 제가 뽑은 주요한 앨범들, 혹은 좋은 곡들을 추천하여 한 블록당 5개 이상의 곡씩 (매해마다) 추천해 올릴 생각이니 슬라이드로 넘기면서 봐주셔야해요! 밑으로만 내리지 마시고요^^ 그럼 시작합니다! 1995년 발표 음반 수록곡 1. 쿨 - 슬퍼지려하기 전에 2. 터보 - 나 어릴적 꿈 3. 솔리드 - 이 밤의 끝을 잡고 4. 듀스 - 이제 웃으며 일어나 5. 이소라 - 처음 느낌 그대로 6. 김건모 - 아름다운 이별 7. 이승환 - 천일동안 8. US - 지금 이대로 1996년 발표 음반 수록곡 1. 박미경 - 기억속의 먼 그대에게 2. 룰라 - 3!4! (고화질 뮤비라니...ㅎㄷㄷ) 3. 컬트 - 너를 품에 안으면 4. UP - 1024 5. 자자 - 버스안에서 6. DJ DOC - 나의 성공담 7. 서태지와 아이들 - Goodbye 8. 클론 - 쿵따리 샤바라 9. 서지원 - 내 눈물모아 10. 이예린 - 늘 지금처럼 1997년 발표 음반 수록곡 1. 부활 - Lonely Night (vocal. 박완규) 2. 에코 - 행복한 나를 3. 박상민 - 애원 4. DJ DOC - DOC와 춤을 5. 유승준 - 가위 6. 이승환 - 가족 7. 임창정 - 결혼해줘 8. 카니발 - 그녀를 잡아요 9. 이뉴 - 독립선언 10. 클론 - 도시탈출 1998년 발표 음반 수록곡 1. S.E.S. - 너를 사랑해 2. 이은미 - DeJa vu (Live) - 이 버전 피아노가 너무 좋아요 3. 강수지 - 하늘이여 4. 박정현 - 오랜만에 (R&B) 5. 핑클 - Blue Rain 6. 더더 - It's You 7. H.O.T. - 빛 8. 쿨 - 애상 9. 베이비복스 - 야야야 10. 1TYM - Good Love 1999년 발표 음반 수록곡 1. 패닉 - 내 낡은 서랍속의 바다 2. 베이비복스 - Get Up 3. YG Family - 세상의 축제 4. 젝스키스 - 예감 5. 신화 - T.O.P. 6. Bros - Win Win 7. god - 니가 다시 돌아올 수 있도록 8. 이승환 - 세가지 소원 9. 드렁큰 타이거 - 난 널 원해 10. 코요태 - 만남 2탄은 바로 찾아옵니다! 명절특집이니까요! 헤헤헤