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Okay, this had me howling in laughter, but also, made me feel a little better about myself. While each of these people may not be artists, they are something else: they are a person! I like the idea of still being able to be a pretty cool person, even if I don't have intense art skills! But lets be honest: this drawing are pretty crappy. Still, they've got their dreams. #1: Roberto, 23 “I took graphic design classes in college and I really want to do something with that. Right now I ride a bike and use tinder.” #2: Stephanie, 21 “I’m a really good writer. I did well in high school. I want to start a blog but I just hate sitting down and writing. I hate writing.” #3: Michael, 26 “I work in finance and I like to think of it as an art because I’m creating wealth, despite the fact that my entire industry is devoid of empathy.” #4: Stephanie, 27 “I love to create things. I’m really good at spreadsheets. One day I’m going to write a book.” #5: John, 25 “I’m a bartender. My art is fucking girls.” #6: Rebecca, 22 “Music is like my life. I’m a very musical person, that’s something that’s unique about me. I can’t play an instrument but I like karaoke and it’s the only thing keeping me from killing myself.”
@janekhon Oh my god now I can't unsee that hahah
Jasmine looks like Conchita Wurst hahaha:)))
hey the jasmine isnt THAT bad hahahhaa
Who on earth is the last one??
These are all honestly so much better than anything I could draw
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