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1. Card Exposure Within an Interest Vinglers in the Fashion for Men Interest Community want to see cards related to men's fashion. If a card is related to fashion for women, it should not be published into the Fashion for Men Interest Community. When this kind of irrelevant card is published into an Interest, the moderator of that Interest can hide the card from the Interest Community page. 2. Hiding a card via web a. Click the card you wish to hide from the interest page. b. Hover your mouse over the Interest listed under "Related Interests" on the right hand side of the screen. c. Click the red "X" button that appears in the top left of the interest cover image to hide the card from the interest page. 3. Hiding a card via the mobile app a. Go to the card you wish to hide from the Interest page. b. Tap the '-' button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen to hide the card from the Interest page. 4. Choosing a reason to hide a card a. When you choose to hide a card via app or web, you will then be asked to select a reason for hiding the card. b. If the appropriate reason is listed, select it from the list; otherwise, you can choose "other" and specify the reason. c. After choosing a reason, select "hide," the pop-up will close, and the card will be hidden from the Interest page. *The card author will receive a notification that their card has been hidden from the Interest.