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Treating mosquito bites with Cortisone (dehydrocorticosterone) is a common way to relieve itching, but there are plenty of effective ways to end mosquito bite itching without resorting to medicine. Rule 1. Don't scratch! Rule 2. Itching is caused by histamine reactions to mosquito saliva. Relieve itching by drawing out this substance: - wash the new bite with soap and water - dry out the bite by dabbing on toothpaste, mouthwash, baking soda and water, or vinegar. Rule 3. If the stuff you put on the bite doesn't deter scratching, keep yourself from scratching or rubbing it by putting on a band-aid. Rule 4. Distract yourself! Do something engaging enough to make you forget your mosquito bite! Have fun, and good luck :)
I heard that pressing a hot teaspoon on the bite will reduce the itchiness. Any medical merit to this suggestion? °©°
It does indeed! The heat denatures the proteins that cause the itching - but it's important to make sure the spoon isn't hot enough to burn the skin. Running it under hot tap water should get the right temperature.
Yep! Cortisone is also a cream!
I only knew cortisone in the injection form. It comes in other forms?