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ABC Family will be releasing a show titled "Fresh off the Boat" as a mid-season replacement this fall. The show is aimed at the idea of an immigrant family, and the kinds of situations they might face, specifically in urban society. Specifically, the show focuses on the ways that a family moving from a culturally diverse, urban center deals with when they enter a largely white, suburban community. The show touches on many very real issues. What I liked most about the trailer was the way that they portrayed a different kind of racism compared to outright dislike for a race. Instead, they showed the poking and prodding that can occur that people think of as only "curiosities." When these curiosities are only seen in someone of a different race, it becomes a kind of less extreme racism. This kind of racism is often ignored, and thus people don't realize how it can affect children who are growing up with it--how it skews their understanding of races and cultures by both perpetrator and recipient. I can't want to see what the full show does with this complexity--hopefully, it'll help people realize more kinds of racism that we shouldn't' be propagating.
I hope that they pull this off well and actually raise awareness rather than just trying to make a comedy about the family's life.
@flymetothemoon @acrossthesea @onesmile Exactly! I'm not going to pass judgement about whether the show will do good or bad until I see a bit more, but I think it could go either way
The trailer does seem promising, but I'm not 100% sure it'll be successful. Hopefully it will! It could be a great step towards shows that do something to raise awareness. I think that ABC Family does a good job of having shows that actually /say/ something
I just went and watched the trailer for this - having seen it, I can't help but think either it will be amazing and that they will really promote awareness and help tackle racism (especially the frequently ignored racism which gets hidden behind a veil of 'innocent curiosity') or they'll risk turning that kind of racism into a joke which will only make it worse...I hope for everyone's sake that they do a good job!