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[AB6IX] 211027 Calling all ABNEW ๐Ÿฅฐ Want to stand a chance to win a signed polaroid or a signed album? Simply purchase AB6IX 2ND ALBUM [MOโ€™ COMPLETE] here to participate! >>

[SOUNDWAVE] *DRAW EVENT* AB6IX 2ND ALBUM [MOโ€™ COMPLETE] (10/22~10/29) | Shopee Singapore
AB6IX 2ND ALBUM [MOโ€™ COMPLETE] DRAW EVENT 1. signed Polaroid will be given (8 people will be selected/random member) 2. signed album will be given (10 people will be selected) To all buyers Random 1 out of 4 unreleased photo cards (album purchase quantity 1:1) Application period : October 22, 2021(Fri) 16:00 ~ October 29, 2021(Fri) 16:00(KST) How to participate : During the event at the Shopee [SOUNDWAVE KPOP] store Automatic application when purchasing AB6IX - 2ND ALBUM [MO' COMPLETE] event products Place of sale : Soundwave at Shopee [SG] https://shopee.sg/soundwavekr.sg [MY] https://shopee.com.my/soundwavekpop.my [BR] https://shopee.com.br/soundwavekpop.br Announcement of winners : October 29, 2021(Fri) 18:00(KST) Shopee [SOUNDWAVE KPOP] notice on the product page [Precautions] - The album you purchased will be shipped sequentially after the winners are announced. - The product cannot be exchanged or returned(refunded) due to a simple change of mind. - This event is held by Soundwave not Shopee. โŒ Poster out of stock โš ๏ธ Please Check!! This product cannot be canceled after ordering. โค๏ธ SOUNDWAVE INFORMATION โค๏ธ โœจ The albums you purchase will be counted 100% on Hanteo Chart and Gaon Chart albums. โœจ All products are 100% genuine. If you receive a non-genuine product, you will be reimbursed twice the amount you paid. - The delivery will be within 15 days of completion of the order. * For pre-orders, delivery time may vary. - The outer case is to protect the product. The slight scratches and discoloration of the case are not product defects. - Fine scratches on the product cannot be exchanged or refunded. โš ๏ธ In the case of defective/ missing products, you can apply only if there is a video of the opening of the parcel. There have been cases of abuse because the omission cannot be confirmed, so we are inevitably receiving videos. We ask for your kind understanding. - Buy [SOUNDWAVE] *DRAW EVENT* AB6IX 2ND ALBUM [MOโ€™ COMPLETE] (10/22~10/29)
[SOUNDWAVE] *DRAW EVENT* AB6IX 2ND ALBUM [MOโ€™ COMPLETE] (10/22~10/29) | Shopee Singapore

Event ends 29 Oct 2021, 3PM (SGT).

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