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Fish name: Goliath Tigerfish US Locations: none, so far. Worldwide Locations: Waterways of central Africa Why are they dangerous? Can weigh up to 70 pounds, more than six feet. Giant, dagger-like canine teeth more than 2-inches long. They move in packs, which together, can shred food in a matter of seconds. Should I be concerned? No, not really. Deaths have been attributed to these fish, but absolutely nothing has been confirmed. If you're fishing for them, you need to be careful as you need to be with many other river monsters. If you're swimming in the Congo River, though, this is one of the fish you should definitely be aware exists. Prized as a gamefish, and a very difficult, ferocious catch.
@happyrock It's just way too unlikely, come on. It's not like they're an alligator.
@mcgraffy @dougjohnson yeah i'm not sure they're after people either but there are so many rumors
I really want to go after one of the "Goliaths" some day; I don't really think they're that dangerous.
@happyrock these things are giant and huge and all but I dont think theyre really after humans hah