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Materials: 1. alligator clips 2. hot glue gun 3. felt 4. worsted weight yarn (Vanna's choice, for example) 5. medium sized needles (This one was size 9) Steps: 1. Cast on 8-10 stitches. 2. Knit enough rows to make a rectangle (about 10 rows), then cast off. Tie the two loose ends in the back, and cut the trailing ends. 3. Using a contrasting colored yarn, wrap tightly around the center of the rectangle to make a bow. Tie the yarn in the back, snip off the trailing ends. 4. Cut a piece of felt slightly larger than the alligator clip. 5. Sew the bow to the felt piece. 6. With the alligator clip opened, hot glue the felt to the clip. Wait for it to dry, and then you're done!