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Fish name: Goonch Catfish US Location: None Worldwide location: Kali River, India, Pakistan, and more. Why is it dangerous? This giant fish is rumored to have drowned and killed more than one human, though nothing has been confirmed. Many have suggested that maybe the practices of local people disposing of their corpse in water has given the fish "a taste for flesh" but nothing has been confirmed, and this doesn't seem to add up. Still, they're definitely a formidable fish large enough (more than 160 lbs) to pull a human underwater, if they wanted to. Should I be worried? That's debatable, but probably not. But, there have been fish found with human body parts in their stomach. Whether or not those humans were alive or dead when eaten has not been discovered.
@mcgraffy there's just some evidence towards it, I guess...
What's is the deal with people thinking that these giant catfish eat people?? I just don't see that happening!