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Lesson 8A: Knitting abbreviations
If you've started looking at any patterns on your own, especially the higher level ones, you may find patterns with indecipherable codes, like "CO 39. R1: *k5p2k5*(until 3 sts)k3". What does that mean? Knitters have their own abbreviations when writing patterns to reduce time in reading. Here are the most common ones: * * or [ ]: asterisks or brackets mean that you should repeat whatever instructions are inside the asterisks or brackets until further instructed. BO: bind-off (the same as cast off). Don't confuse this with cast on! :) CO: cast-on however many stitches are specified. i.e. CO 39 means cast on 39 stitches. dec: decrease inc: increase k: knit p: purl sts: stitches