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This requires its own lesson, because knitting abbreviations are not standardized. Since there are so many kinds of increases and decreases, each with their own subtle differences in usage, you can either choose to use the increases and decreases prescribed, or substitute the ones suggested with your own favorite increase or decrease. Increases M1: make one. Any increase is ok. KFB: knit-front-back, an increase that makes a horizontal bar over one of the stitches. Doesn't lean much. YO: yarn-over. An increase that makes a hole (decoratively) in the fabric. Used often for lace knitting and sometimes for small button holes. I wouldn't recommend replacing this one with your own increase. Decreases K2tog: knit two together. right-slanting. K2tog tbl: knit two together through the back loop. Left-slanting. ssk: slip-slip-knit. Left-slanting. s1k1psso: slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over. Left-slanting. Tutorials on each of these will come soon!