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The climb to the summit starts at Le Bourg d'Oisans in the Romanche valley. With an average gradient of 8.1%, 21 hairpin bends and a maximum gradient of 13%, this climb is one of the most grueling climbs for cyclists in the world. Every bend, ever inch of this climb is filled with the cycling's iconic history. Tour de France historian Jean-Paul Brouchon called it the Hollywood Climb, and not everyone thinks of this as a complement. The name may come from the thought that the Alpe D'Huez is a glorified tv gimmick, but these people fail to see the electricity created by this single climb in the tour. The climb is filled with history, at least 13 amateur climbers try to summit its peak, but none will ever come close to the great Marco Pantani finishing the climb in 37m 35s.
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"the hollywood climb" I love it! What an awesome short
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Glad you liked it! I think there are more shorts coming to this series, so I'll be sure to make a card about it and let you know @BikeSnob
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