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Check out these cyclists as they pass cars on the highway going 77mph+. These guys are really booking it, but they should be careful. Fast moving cars, no helmet, drafting closely to cars and changing lanes could all be a recipe for disaster. I'm just glad everyone is okay, that means we can enjoy watching this insane video!
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@hikaymm This is not for me! lol @nokcha Well, they are drafting really closely to a huge truck. The are taking on minimal wind resistance because the truck blocks it all, and I would presume they are on a road that is gradually going downward. Those factors combined, it wouldn't be too hard to achieve these speed
Seriously nuts. Did you see him bunny hop the center line while changing lanes? This guy is NOT messing around!
@TeamWaffles Yeah I couldn't believe that he hoped it at that speed
What is with all these guys drafting RIGHT behind trucks? Thats a recipe for disaster.
@pipeline I think an logical person would understand that. LOL