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Yippeee!! Ep 13 preview out for I Need Romance 2 Ep 13! Dont forget to follow me for regular updates on ur fav dramas :) ======================================= Yeol Mae tells Seok Hyun about Ji Hoon and her, but Seok Hyun refuses to believe that they are serious about each other. Even Yeol Mae starts to have second thoughts, but Ji Hoon's love is strong and sincere - banishes all her worries away! Seok Hyun loses his self-control and confronts the two of them (Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae) to try to break them up, but the bad memories that Yeol Mae has from her relationship with Seok Hyun have scarred her too much. She keeps recalling how demanding he was. Meanwhile, an office romance starts to blossom as Jye Hee and Tae Woo start to date. Jae Kyung also prepares for the launch of her fashion show, but faces another dire situation when her ex-husband gets arrested just a day before her launch. At the same time, Seok Hyun meets Yeol Mae outside Ji Hoon's home (he was waiting for Ji Hoon) and he gets really upset after seeing her. Something seems to have happened though, as Seok Hyun's mother calls Na Hyun to tell Seok Hyun that he needs to come home... eeks. I sense a crisis coming. Bring out the tissue boxes everyone...
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Wow I love this Drama! haahahah It Is very interestinggggggggggggggggg
she's right, she tried everything. what's so difficult to accept love when you feel it? you may avoid hurting someone loved but to get bad hurt yourself
"people" to be read "woman"
In life is better to allow some humbleness sometimes, just in case. to be too confident is a dangerous attitude especially when you are dealing with people's feelings
oh yahhhh you do!!! i loveeee this drama more and more
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