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What COVID-19 Impacted on Nutraceutical Packaging in Healthcare Industry ?

Impact of COVID-19 on Nutraceutical Packaging in Healthcare Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the food and beverages industry including the nutraceutical market by up surging in their consumption globally. Each and every segment of nutraceutical industry has been impacted either positively or negatively due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nutraceutical packaging market is subjected to have the positive impacts due to the sudden outbreak of COVID- 19. This is mainly due to the consumer awareness about the importance of consuming the nutraceuticals in order to boost their immunity to fight the pandemic period.
The demand for the nutraceuticals has been increasing across the globe due to the changing lifestyle of the health conscious consumers. This increase in the demand for the nutraceuticals have positively affected on the nutraceutical packaging market.


The aftermath of the COVID- 19 has a very positive impact on the market of the nutraceutical packaging across the globe. As the consumers are more incline to buy health and wellness products such as nutraceutical products which further increased the sales and revenue of the market players. The post pandemic period people are more concerned towards the product’s safety and shelf life which further drive the demand for advanced and innovative packaging materials for nutraceuticals.
Also, with the growing awareness and growing social media nutritional trends influencing population all around the world will increase drive the demand for nutraceutical which will further boost the growth of global market.
Many governments have taken initiatives for the nutraceutical packaging as they have been focusing on ways to improve the consumer’s health and wellness. The government initiatives to support industries in order to manufacture innovative packaging products will boost the growth of the market.
For example,
· European Union (EU)- funded project NanoPack aims to develop packaging solutions that increase product life after packaging by using novel anti-microbial surface application on the food packaging product surface. The Nanopack antibacterial film extends the shelf life of the product by two days. This two day increase in shelf life increase product stability by 40%.
Therefore, such initiatives taken up by the governments which aim to help the manufacturers to manufacture safe products for the nutraceutical packaging will propel the growth of the market.


The COVID-19 had a terrible impact on the global economy. Many establishments have to remain shut while others scale down their operations or put on hold expansion plans as they survive the unprecedented crisis. The other impact of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is the delay or fluctuation of raw material supply for nutraceutical packaging manufacturing. This fluctuation has resulted in increase in price of raw material, which has impacted the prices of nutraceutical packaging products.


There is a rapid increase in demand for the nutraceuticals increasing popularity for the nutraceutical packaging as well. Demand for the increased shelf life of food products across the globe is expected to increase the growth of the market in the COVID-19 period as well. There is an increasing consciousness about health and weight management is playing a crucial role in the demand for the global nutraceutical packaging market. On an average, the consumers have increased have increased their monthly spending on vitamins, minerals and supplements products by 10-15% since the COVID- 19 began.
The increase in the awareness among the consumers about the consumption of the nutraceuticals is that they can build the immunity that is highly required in the COVID- 19 pandemic period has positively affected on the nutraceutical packaging as well. With the rise in the consumption of the nutraceutical in order to maintain the good health and fitness, the demand for the nutraceutical packaging also increased.
Therefore, there has been a constant increase in the demand for the nutraceuticals which positively affected on the nutraceuticals packaging market as the packaging of the vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements is the major factor that attracted the attention of the consumers.


During the pandemic situation, the supply chain was majorly disrupted due to a lack of resources and transportation. Also, the governments across the world have implemented various restrictions and lockdowns to prevent the spread of the disease. In the same way, many governments have restricted the movement of goods across the countries and the entire supply chain was distorted. Owing to the disrupted supply chain, the transportation of raw materials has been interrupted and the production of nutraceutical packaging products was halted. Similarly, the manufacturers aren’t able to visit the customers such as nutraceutical companies to provide them with the packaging materials due to the implementation of lockdowns across the various parts of the world. Thus the demand for nutraceutical products has been tremendously increasing whereas the packaging materials production has been disrupted. As a result, the COVID- 19 pandemic has negatively impacted on the supply chain of the nutraceuticals packaging market.


To deal with the COVID-19 outbreak challenges many nutraceutical packaging market players are creating new strategies. It is predicted that these strategies are providing high chances to escalate up company revenue and its growth in the forecast period.
Similarly, growing opportunities in innovative packaging solutions is attracting a larger consumer base for the nutraceutical packaged products. Increase in the demand for the nutraceuticals has made companies to launch the new products in spite of the COVID- 19 challenges and to gain a larger market share.
Despite of the COVID – 19 pandemic outbreak, the manufacturers have been creating new opportunities by themselves by participating in exhibitions in order to spread the awareness about the nutraceuticals and their nutritional benefits which helps in boosting the immunity of the consumers.
For instance,
· In 2021, MJS packaging announced that they will exhibit for the first time since the start of COVID- 19 pandemic at the 2021 Cannabusiness international market place Michigan summit and expo in Michigan.
Therefore, such product launches, exhibition of the products at the expos and vents in order to increase their consumer base are the strategic decisions which are taken up the market players to gain larger market share.


COVID- 19 pandemic has taken a toll on the population and economy. A collaborative effort on governments, public health departments and hospital fraternity to fight corona virus has led to the economic slowdowns, lockdowns and extreme public safety measures. Due to the increasing health conscious ness among the consumers, the demand for the nutraceuticals has been increasing constantly in the COVID – 19 pandemic periods. This is mainly because of precautionary measures which are followed by the consumers for the COVID-19 which in involves the intake of nutraceuticals. However, the supply chain has disrupted during the outbreak scenario because the demand is more for these products. As unlocking of the lockdown being started in various regions of the world, it is expected that the supply chain became normalized for the market.
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Why Pharmacy Management System Essential for Pharmacy Business?
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How you can Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes
I firmly advise this information by Chris Kresser explaining how and in addition when you ought to monitor your blood sugar possessing a glucose gauge. Food products utilizing a low glycemic stress integrate oats, barley, beans, and in addition non-starchy greens for example asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Individuals with diabetes either won't make enough or any blood insulin inside their physique or are immune to the insulin the complete physique does create. In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, some prescription drug organizations have launched campaigns to information individuals with diabetes get the drugs and... That physical exercise you do is very crucial and in addition it could help with blood sugar deal with jointly employing a number of other wellbeing concerns. To deal with the sugar to your circulatory system, carbs fat burning capacity performs a crucial portion. It will get a lot more and in addition more challenging to change blood sugar without prescription drugs,” clarifies Gomer. However even swiftly right after losing huge quantities of body weight, it is not rare to find out the drop of diabetes remission over days and nights. Swiftly right after 4 years, the rate of part diabetes remission in the counselling team dropped somewhat, to 7 Per cent. Dependent on several genuine Glucofort evaluations, making use of this health supplement has multifarious advantages. Getting an professional inside the field, Dr Jun created the Glucofort method only making use of totally all-all-natural components. As GlucoFort features on preserving your blood sugar levels and metabolic features, additionally, Glucofort enhances your blood typical well-being while marketing power and energy. In case we speak about the most powerful rival of Glucofort, the label “CeraCare” may come preliminary. Fat Burning And Blood Insulin Resistance Because the Meals and medicine management has not nevertheless approved almost any medications especially to take care of bloodstream blood insulin level of resistance, additionally, you'll discover two usually approved medicines for diabetes that may increase hormonal blood insulin level of sensitivity. Eating these sparingly will by no means aggravate bloodstream blood insulin level of resistance, furthermore to nonetheless, if you give attention to minimally-highly processed whole grain products, can help increase hormonal blood insulin level of sensitivity also. A single method to decrease your blood sugar levels will be to alter your diet plan, shifting it to make sure that you reduce sugary food items and change all of them with healthier food items that are acknowledged to impact blood sugar levels. Whilst other aspects are in functionality, the meals you consume plays a huge part in balancing your blood sugar levels furthermore to minimizing the highs and lows. Carb metabolism is essential inside the improvement of type 2 diabetes, which requires location when the entire body cannot make sufficient insulin or are not able to correctly use the insulin it can make. If you are having trouble following an insulin diet regime or discovering what works for you, see a nutritionist or nutritionist for advice. Diabetes while being pregnant, known as gestational diabetes, should be managed by you as well as your OB/GYN or another healthcare professional Even if you don’t have diabetes, the Atkins Diet is an excellent way to prevent it from developing. This can be obtained by using a ongoing glucose monitor or working with a simple fall of blood from the finger prick a little or no cases every day. Dr Brandon Colby, a well known California state medical professional who techniques custom made age managing medication, claims pre-all forms of diabetes can primarily display no signs or could bring about vertigo and low energy. For that reason if you are at the moment shared with you have prediabetes - quite better blood sugar that is not going to receive the tolerance about the diabetes medical diagnosis - way of life changes can avert or wait the commencing of health issues. This specific variety of diabetes is known as hormonal agent blood insulin level of resistance, that suggests the appearance will become proof against insulin, the hormonal agent liable for regulating the levels of blood sugar with your blood.
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Công nghệ in UV mang lại ứng dụng gì trong đời sống?
Kỹ thuật in UV đã và đang ngày càng trở nên phổ biến đối với khách hàng của ngành in ấn. Nhờ vào tính đa dụng mà các sản phẩm của phương pháp in ấn này xuất hiện ở rất nhiều các lĩnh vực cũng như ngành nghề. Bài viết sẽ cùng độc giả tìm hiểu về công nghệ in UV và những ứng dụng của chúng trong cuộc sống hiện tại. Chất liệu chính được sử dụng trong kỹ thuật in UV lên nhựa là các loại nhựa như mica, PVC,... Với sự phổ biến của các sản phẩm làm bằng nhựa, công nghệ in UV lên nhựa cũng ngày càng được lựa chọn nhiều hơn. Nói một cách đơn giản thì đây là phương pháp sử dụng mực in UV in ấn trực tiếp các thiết kế lên bề mặt vật liệu làm từ nhựa khác với in uv cuộn. So với những kỹ thuật in thông thường thì mực in UV bám tốt hơn trên bề mặt nhựa. Những ứng dụng của công nghệ in UV trong đời sống Các sản phẩm in UV lên nhựa hiện đang được sử dụng vô cùng phổ biến và trong nhiều hình thức khác nhau. Công nghệ in hiện đai này áp dụng nhiều để in bạt quảng cáo . In trên bề mặt thẳng: Nhóm các vật dụng làm từ nhựa có bề mặt phẳng bao gồm túi nilon, móc khoá, mặt bàn, áo mưa,... Người ta sử dụng kỹ thuật in UV lên các loại vật phẩm này để cung cấp thông tin về thương hiệu, sản phẩm nào đó hoặc đơn giản là để trang trí, đồng thời gia tăng độ thẩm mỹ cho các sản phẩm. Việc in UV lên nhựa có bề mặt phẳng không phức tạp hay tốn quá nhiều thời gian. in tranh dán tường theo yêu cầu In với bề mặt cong: So với nhóm vật phẩm nhựa có bề mặt phẳng thì những thao tác in UV lên sản phẩm có bề mặt cong sẽ đòi hỏi kỹ thuật phức tạp hơn một chút. Các sản phẩm như nón bảo hiểm, hộp nhựa, viết bi, đồ chơi, các loại ghế nhựa,... cần phải được sử dụng đầu phun mực để hoàn thiện thiết kế in. Với những vật phẩm thông dụng trong đời sống như thế thì phương pháp in UV sẽ giúp đảm bảo được độ bền của thiết kế in ấn. khách hàng lựa chọn in uv để in decal rất nhiều. Phía trên là những thông tin cơ bản về kỹ thuật in UV lên nhựa và một số các ứng dụng phổ biến của chúng trong thực tế. Độc giả có nhu cầu sử dụng dịch vụ in UV lên chất liệu nhựa có thể liên hệ với các cơ sở in ấn chuyên nghiệp để được tư vấn kỹ hơn về thiết kế, kích thước cũng như bảng giá cho dịch vụ này. Tìm hiểu thêm thông tin: bảng quảng cáo ngoài trời
Online Ayurvedic Treatments Boost Immune System
Ayurveda offers treatment for various types of diseases & after the COVID pandemic, it is proved that the best treatment practice is Ayurveda. Sometimes we will not consider it the best but this is a proven fact. In the Ayurveda treatment, there are medicines that will build the immune system. As we all know, the immune system plays an important role in the body. If our immune system is strong then normal flu or virus will not impact our body. With a stronger immune system, our body will guard us against seasonal weather conditions or air or dust, or viral infections present around us. Navchetana Kendra is in the business of ayurvedic products, immunity booster medicines are our star products, and these Ayurvedic medicines online are available. Ayurveda considers that our body consists of three different types of immunity. With the pandemic, we came to the importance of a strong immune system. We produced all the medicines under the supervision of the ayurvedic doctor. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian rejuvenation system that focuses on mind, body, and spirit balance. Ayurvedic Medicine strives to avoid illness rather than treat it by bringing order to your body, mind, and environment. Benefits of a strong Immune system Our immune system is a built-in mechanism that aids us in fighting viruses and infections. If we have a strong immune system, our bodies can act as a defence system for ourselves; otherwise, we must take multiple medications to combat infections. It is a complex network of organs, tissues, and cells that collaborate to protect your body from external threats. Ayurvedic treatment will boost our immune system because these medicines are made from herbs native to our country. Because these are not chemically processed medicines, the treatment methodology is the least altered; the original flavour or texture will remain. There are numerous ways to improve our immune system, but our lifestyle and food intake are the most important factors in immune system development. If we change our daily routine habits in conjunction with ayurvedic medicines, these medicines will begin to show their effect immediately. Foods for Healthy Behavior Modification 1. All green vegetables consist of lots of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They will also help with diabetes management because they have little effect on blood sugar levels. 2. Whole grains have more fiber and minerals than treated white grains. 3. Glucose, vitamins, minerals, and fiber are all found in fruits. The vast majority of them are naturally low in fat and sodium. 4. Beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, shrimp, beans, cheese, eggs, almonds, and tofu are all high in protein. 5. A diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, iodine, selenium, manganese, and zinc are nutrient-dense elements. 6. If you are a vegetarian, pulses are an important source of protein and building blocks. Ayurvedic Products from Navchetana Kendra Ayurvedic products include a wide range of mild products that can be consumed by humans. Because it contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives, this product is completely vegan. 1. Ginseng, Navyang Oil, and Shilajit Extract for Sexual Wellness: Ginseng, navyang oil, and shilajit extract all work together to tone muscles. Improving sexual performance while increasing sexual power Weight Loss with Green Tea Capsules: These weight loss capsules are extremely effective. It also helps to strengthen and speed up metabolism. Green tea supplements are more effective at addressing this issue. 2. Green Coffee Bean Capsules for Weight Loss: Green coffee beans are becoming increasingly popular as a weight loss supplement. Overall, these coffee beans contain no chemical additives & 100% organic coffee beans. 3. Diabetes Treatment with Karela Extract Tablets: Karela promotes a healthy immune system as well as blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It serves as a purgative, digestive aid, and regulator of several carbohydrate-related metabolic processes. 4. Debisulin Plus: Debisulin Plus is a highly effective ayurvedic diabetic treatment. By absorbing extra glucose from the body, these enchanted tablets effectively lower blood sugar levels. Debisulin Plus has no side effects and anyone can use it for a longer period of time without an issue. Information About The Product Navchetana Kendra primarily proposes Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of complex diseases. In the end, these drugs are made from pure concentrates of organic compounds that support immune system growth and detoxification. We carefully select these ingredients in order to provide the best possible treatment. All Ayurvedic medicines utilize natural ingredients & have no side effects. The dose is only 2 capsules of medicines per day. Keep it out of reach of children. It is not advisable for pregnant and lactating ladies to take it without consultation with a physician. Ayurvedic immune booster medicine will take time to affect every person as everyone’s body is different & so is the immune system. Some people are already following healthy food habits while others are only dependent on medicines so it takes time for treatment to show its positive impact on health.
What is Sponge Bath? Sponge Bathing Guide for seniors
By From the Heart Home Care, LLC | October 17, 2022 | Comments Offon What is Sponge Bath? Sponge Bathing Guide for seniors A crucial step in maintaining healthy skin is bathing your loved one regularly. It can aid in preventing infections and is an excellent time to check for sores or rashes. Additionally, bathing makes your loved one feel clean and fresh. One or two times per week, a person who can move around a little bit and must spend just a little amount of time in bed might be able to take a shower with some assistance. Or the individual might favour a daily half bath at the sink or with a basin. A bed bath is required for someone unable to move well. While washcloths are frequently used, “sponge bath” is frequently employed. You can take a full bath while lying in bed without ruining the sheets. Depending on how well your loved one can move, you may need to assist them with taking a bath. Because they are recovering from an illness or surgery, the person you care for might experience temporary difficulties with self-care. Or perhaps you are caring for an older person who has memory loss and cannot remember how to bathe. Alternatively, you might be looking after a paralyzed person with a long-term inability to move. When showering, this person may require much more assistance. Allow your loved one to clean themself as much as possible. Be as calm as you can while helping them undress and take a bath. Taking a bath can be embarrassing for both you and the person you’re caring for. If you are caring for a person who is the opposite sex from you, this might be especially true. They might feel more at ease if you remain composed and don’t appear embarrassed. In this article, we will discuss sponge bath for the elderly, how it works, and how they can help you stay healthy at any age. What is Sponge Bathing? A sponge bath is a way of washing the body that involves using a sponge or cloth to wash the entire body. It is also known as wet wash, water bath, water massage, and bubble bath. Sponge baths were used for centuries before modern showers came into existence. The practice of sponge baths was common in many cultures across the world. In India and Africa, it is still widely used even today. There are several reasons why one may want to give sponge baths. The most obvious reason is that it can be very soothing and relaxing for an older person. It is also helpful in the case of bed sores and other skin conditions. The sponge bath can help ease discomfort, reduce pain and swelling, and promote healing and recovery. There are also some health benefits of giving sponge baths to the elderly. Some studies have shown that this practice can help improve the immune system, improve circulation, reduce stress levels, and even improve breathing in people suffering from respiratory issues. This form of bathing has been used for centuries, with some people using sponges as their sole source of cleansing. In ancient Rome, sponge baths were prescribed by doctors as an effective way to treat common skin ailments like acne and eczema. Sponge baths are still used today by many people who prefer this method over traditional bathing routines because they feel it helps them relax during stressful times. They also believe that this bathing can help relieve stress caused by different problems such as arthritis or even depression, which can be extremely difficult to cope with on your own. Why Is Sponge Bathing Crucial For Older Adults? While maintaining good hygiene should be important to everyone, it is especially crucial for seniors. Due to reduced immune system reactions, aging makes us more prone to sickness. Because of this, older persons may be more seriously impacted by inadequate personal hygiene. Rashes, skin infections, eczema or psoriasis flare-ups, bacterial and fungal growth in skin creases or between toes, and even parasites on the skin and in hair might result from it. Some of this is contagious and has the potential to develop into more severe health issues, including sepsis (blood poisoning) or abscesses. How Often Should Seniors Bathe? Many family caregivers struggle to get an older adult to bathe. The most serious concern is that not bathing will result in skin or urinary tract infections. Seniors may also experience itching or develop a strong body odor. But how frequently should seniors bathe to avoid health problems? We’ve compiled a few essential bathing tips to keep your elderly loved one clean and healthy while reducing arguments and stress. 1. There Is No Need to run Water The simplest and most complete ways to clean the body are with a shower or a tub bath. However, a sponge bath would suffice if your elderly relative vehemently objects or has trouble moving around. These detailed instructions on how to give a sponge bath were really helpful to us. Here is a summary: Ensure your elderly loved one is warm and well-covered while gathering all your stuff. Starting with the face or head, work your way down the body, saving the dirtiest areas, the privates, for last. Only expose the area of the body that is now being cleaned for warmth and privacy. To avoid using unclean towels, wipe one area at a time and switch washcloths between portions. 2. Seniors Don’t Have To Take a Daily Shower Although most Americans are accustomed to taking daily showers, it is not a strict requirement for optimum health. Most seniors benefit from taking a bath at least once or twice weekly to prevent infections and skin deterioration. In between thorough showers, minimizing body odor can also be accomplished by wiping the feet, genitals, groin, armpits, and other skin folds using warm washcloths. However, some dementia patients’ caregivers assert that daily bathing is simpler. When taking a bath becomes a normal part of someone’s day, they are considerably less likely to object. Naturally, when determining a bathing regimen, it’s important to consider your older adult’s individual medical conditions. Some people may need to bathe more regularly than others for medical reasons. What Equipment Do I Need for a Bed Bath? You should make sure you have the following before giving a bed bath: · A Water Basin You can use one basin, but you must change the Water whenever it becomes obviously unclean or excessively soapy. · Washcloths Try to have one washcloth for the body, perineal area, and face/neck. · Towels You should take at least three towels because they will be used to dry, cover the body for privacy, and create a barrier for the bedding during the bed bath. · Disposable Gloves Vinyl gloves are commonly accessible if your loved one is allergic to latex. You must change the Water when it becomes obviously unclean or excessively soapy. · Gentle Soap Due to the brittleness of old skin, always choose a gentle soap for sensitive skin. Inquire whether the room is too hot or too cold, and adjust the temperature as needed. Make sure the bed is high enough, so you don’t strain your back. It is acceptable to place your knee on the bed to reach over and bathe the person if it is low. To keep the bed dry, place a waterproof mat or sheet beneath the person. Also, for privacy, close the door and the blinds or drapes. How to Give a Sponge Bath to Your Loved Ones: A Step-by-Step Guide The following measures should be followed to guarantee a safe and effective bed bath: 1. Step 1 First, wash your hands and put on gloves before discussing the procedure calmly and clearly to your loved one so they will understand what to expect. 3. Step 2 Make sure all doors are locked, and blinds are drawn to give your loved one privacy. For your comfort, raise the hospital bed if they are in one to waist level. 4. Step 3 Cover your loved one’s body with a towel (or small blanket, if preferred) to provide privacy and help them undress as necessary. Have them dip their wrists into the Water in the basin to check the temperature. 5. Step 4 Place a cloth under the body area being washed and uncover one section of the body at a time. A single body part should be washed, rinsed, and dried. We do this to protect your loved one’s privacy and dignity and keep them warm. 6. Step 5: Clean your loved one in the following sequence: · Eyes, Face, Ears, and Neck Wash your face with warm Water only, wiping your eyes with a clean washcloth as you work your way outward. · Arms, Hands, Chest, and Abdomen Place a dry towel underneath and take each arm out one at a time—long, upward strokes with a warm, soapy washcloth, followed by rinsing and drying. After washing your chest, similarly, wash your belly. · Legs/Feet Carefully lift each leg or foot from under the towel one at a time, then replace the towel—with long, upward strokes with a warm, soapy washcloth, followed by rinsing and drying. Take care to rinse and dry between your toes completely. · Back Help your loved one roll onto their side gently by placing a towel next to the back. Long downward strokes should be used to wash the buttocks, back, and back of neck. Dry after rinsing. · Help Your Loved One Roll Back Onto Their Backs Perineal and genital area. Put a cloth between your thighs and buttocks. Before cleaning this area, always replace the Water in the basin. Use a tiny bit of soap while bathing ladies to avoid a UTI. Work from front to back in single motions, always using a clean portion of a fresh washcloth. Dry off after rinsing. 7. Step 6 Apply a fragrance- and dye-free lotion to the skin after the bath to avoid skin dryness, which can result in microscopic skin tears and infection. Utilize this time to examine toenails, cut fingernails if necessary, and clean below them. Age-related toenail thickening is not always safe to treat on your own. Think about calling a mobile podiatrist or scheduling a regular consultation to clip and clean your feet as needed. Why is it Important to Encourage Your Loved Ones Participation When Possible? Encourage them to help with the washing if your loved one is able. This will provide the work with some degree of control and aid in maintaining range of motion, flexibility, and functional stamina. In situations where your loved one cannot participate, you, the caregiver, can perform an entire bed bath using the detailed, step-by-step instructions above. While you should always follow the instructions mentioned above, you can encourage your loved one to assist with as much washing as possible while using you as a guide. For stages 1 and 2, they can choose to sit at the edge of the bed (if it is safe). Summing Up! Sponge baths are a great alternative to showering for seniors. These baths are very relaxing and provide some health benefits. It is also a good option for anyone looking to save a little bit of money each month instead of using body wash or shampoo. Even those people who are perfectly capable of bathing on their own should try taking more sponge baths because they are so easy on your skin. These health benefits include eliminating itchiness, improving circulation, and decreasing skin moisture. Sponge baths have been used for years and have proven results. If you haven’t tried one yet, do it soon. Luckily, there is a company called, From the Heart to Home Services that provides assisted living facilities and providing a safe and caring atmosphere in which your loved one can receive the absolute best care possible. By working with an experienced and reputable company that offers the right amount of care at a price you can afford, your loved one will be able to live a healthy and happy life without needing to worry about the costs or how they will get the best treatment for themselves.